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Launch of a major study on hybrid vehicles rechargeable battery

The rector of the Universite Laval, Denis Briere, along with the General Secretary of the Desjardins Group, Pauline D'Amboise, the president of the company EnerSys, John D. Craig, and the Mayor of the City of Quebec, Regis Labeaume advantage of Earth Day to announce the launch of a project in partnership innovative study on hybrid vehicles rechargeable battery. If the results of this first pilot project prove successful, a second phase of this study, which could include up to 50 vehicles will be extended to the size of the City of Quebec.

Grace has the financial, technical and professional participation of Desjardins Group, the largest financial cooperative group integrated nature in Canada and Enersys, world's largest producer of industrial batteries, a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the Universite Laval initiate a series of studies that focus both on the technological improvement in real conditions of hybrid vehicles rechargeable battery on the social, economic and environmental related to the use of these cars.

The car tested in this pilot project will be a hybrid Prius type with standard battery will be replaced by a rechargeable lithium-ion high performance providing a range of over 70 km. This battery can be plugged in and recharged from a household outlet. Researchers from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences shall study under the supervision of Professor Michel Gendron, various economic, environmental and social impacts of the use of this type of vehicle. In particular, they seek to evaluate the financial profitability of the hybrid vehicle for consumers to measure the costs of installing power terminals and payment methods during recharging, and together with Desjardins innovative financial contracts for this type Vehicle.

Researchers from the Faculty of Science and Engineering will assess them as to the behavior of the car in urban areas, maximize the efficiency and performance, study ways to improve techniques for recharging the development of power terminals and will test interconnect technology between the battery and the electric network.

Service security and prevention of Laval University, who has already integrated the first hybrid car has its conventional fleet, also considering the possibility of gradually replacing the traditional fleet by type of hybrid vehicle. "Sustainable development is at the heart of the concerns of the Universite Laval", stated the President Briere in press conference. "That's why we have to commit ourselves to a concrete way to support projects such as the one presented today, which is a promising avenue for the global challenge that represents the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions."

"Desjardins Group is pleased to partner at the University Laval in conducting this study that will develop here in Quebec, unique expertise," stated Ms. D'Amboise. "More than just a financial partner, Desjardins will also expertise in financial institution serving this project by exploring, for example, the possibility of developing a financial product that could support the supply to consumers of such vehicle in the market. "

In the picture we find in the front passenger side, the mayor of the city of Quebec Mr. Regis Labeaume and driver Denis Briere, resteur the Universite Laval rating. At the rear, left side we find the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University Laval, Guy Gendron and his right Mr. John D. Craig president and chief operation Enersys.

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