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The wide base tires Greatec get the SmartWay certification

EPA certifies other Bridgestone tires for commercial vehicles

Bridgestone Firestone Canada Inc. (BFCA) and Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC (BFCA) has announced that their radial tires Greatec a wide base for drive axles and trailer were put on the list of tires for commercial vehicles certified by SmartWay EPA (Environment Protection Agency of USA). In addition to meet the requirements of fuel SmartWay, radial tires Greatec have the additional advantage of allowing fleets vehicles to increase their payload.

Last summer, four Bridgestone tires for commercial trucks have been approved for use on tractors and trailers SmartWay certified by the EPA. Radial tires R287 and R280 for steering axles, axles for M720 and R195F trailer - and, at present, radial tires Greatec drive axle and trailer - got the SmartWay EPA certificate, attributed to products that help fleets of vehicles to save more fuel.

Tires SmartWay certified by the EPA must realize a fuel economy that exceeds that of new tire by at least three percent.

In 2004, SmartWay has created a long-term initiative aimed at improving the fuel economy and reduce emissions of exhaust gas for vehicle delivery and transportation of all sizes. The program helps fleets to make the right choices at the specification of vehicles for optimal energy efficiency - including recommending new tires or replacement. Fleets participating in the SmartWay program are encouraged to use certified SmartWay tires throughout the useful life of their equipment.

Radial tires Greatec a broad base are also ideal for fleets making sure their dependents, such as transport vehicles in bulk, tugs and platform fleets with vehicles tend to reach their maximum gross weight before being with maximum capacity, meaning that a part of the loading surface destiny remains empty. As Greatec wide base tires weigh lighter than the dual tires they replace, these fleets may convert the weight and economise profitable additional payload.

Radial tires for Greatec axles are endowed with a depth of 26/32 inches, which evokes other radial tires Bridgestone M726 EL popular sculpture. The tread features solid shoulder ribs struggling against the lateral pressure that could cause irregular wear and a rigid floor paving, designed to resist wear "heel-toe".

Greatec radial tires for trailers have a tread depth of 14/32 inches; their sculpture is comparable to that of the radial tire ultra-economic R195F trailer. They also include the features Bridgestone-patented Equalizer RibMC and Defense GrooveMC that allow regular wear and better performance. Robust side ribs protect the carcass fighting against occasioned damage per curbs. Both radial tires Greatec are built with patented Waved BeltMC configuration Bridgestone, which mele rigidity and elasticity to produce a very strong and stable frame which, in turn, gives rise to a quite remarkably stable footprint throughout the service life of the tire.

The very latest technology Greatec increases the durability of the heel. TIPMC its configuration (Turn-In Ply) puts the crease tire of harm, by wrapping around the bead - an innovation that increases the solidity and strength of the heel. In 2005, own fleet of Bridgestone Firestone voluntarily become a shipper-carrier EPA SmartWay, engaging in improving the fuel economy and reduce emissions of exhaust gases. For information about the SmartWay program, visit / smartway (in English).

For information on radial tires Greatec for axles and trailer, see website or call 1 888 694-0469 to provide you a free product brochure.

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