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GM Canada, the Province of Ontario and OPG attack the work of the electric car

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GM Canada, the Province of Ontario and OPG attack the work of the electric car picture #1

2011 Chevrolet Volt, the official photos

Jim Bradley, Minister of Transportation of Ontario and Tom Mitchell, director of the nuclear division of Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has joined GM Canada in Toronto today to unveil the brand new electric car extended autonomy Chevrolet Volt whose serial production is scheduled for 2010.

The three partners have announced the implementation of initiatives related to research and development projects as well as public education in Ontario that pave the way for the advent of new security vehicles powered by electricity, ready to roll on Motorways of the province. The event marks the first public appearance in front of the all-new Chevrolet Volt electric car since its unveiling on the occasion of 100th anniversary of GM on September 16 in Detroit.

"The Volt extended-range electric Chevrolet embodies the enthusiasm that drives us at GM, at the dawn of our next 100 years in the automotive industry," said David Paterson, vice-president of public affairs and the environment of General Motors. "Partners like Ontario and OPG today play an important role to prepare the way for these new technologies in electric car full emergence."

"Working together to educate the public about the benefits of the Chevrolet Volt for the environment is natural for OPG and GM, since both companies firmly believe in a future where the vehicles will be powered by clean energy as the electricity, "he says Tom Mitchell, director of the nuclear division of OPG.

"The roads in Ontario are prepared to receive electric vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt," he says Jim Bradley, Minister of Transportation of Ontario. "The safe & clean on the transport solutions are of extreme importance to meet the energy and environmental challenges of today, not only in Ontario, but in the world."

OPG and GM have announced the implementation of a new advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness about the environmental benefits of new PROPELLED vehicles to electricity in Ontario.

GM Canada also announced that it will work with OPG and other companies in the electricity sector to realize studies on the potential reduction of CO2 during the nights of charging batteries, so the unused cars as the electric Chevrolet Volt.

GM confirms with the financial support from the provincial and federal governments, it set up a new research and development of $ 40 million on advanced technology, has Oshawa, Ontario, axis on electrification of the automobile and other improvements in energy fuel. This major project on the Advanced Automotive Technology, the largest of its kind in Canada, will be under the aegis of suppliers such as OPG and universities in Ontario, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in the area of ​​Durham.

About the Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt heralds a new era in the electrification of the automobile by creating a new class of vehicle known as the electric vehicle has extended autonomy (E-REV).

The Chevrolet Volt uses electricity to operate, at any time and at full speed. For journeys of up to 65 km, the Chevrolet Volt is powered solely by a lithium-ion 16 kWh. When the battery is depleted, a gasoline powered generator at / E85 subtly provides the electricity to power the Volt, while maintaining the battery. This mode increases the autonomy of the Chevrolet Volt up to several hundred kilometers, or until the battery charging is necessary. Unlike a conventional battery vehicles, the Chevrolet Volt eliminates the anxiety related to autonomy, providing confidence and peace of mind to the driver who can not be taken unawares by a flat battery.

GM Canada, the Province of Ontario and OPG attack the work of the electric car picture #2

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