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Inspection of vehicles 8 years and over: A privileged measured by CAA-Quebec

CAA-Quebec recommends that the introduction of a mandatory inspection for vehicles whose age exceeds 8 years Avenue is privileged by the government to realize significant gains in the respect of reducing emissions produced by the polluting quebecois fleet. It supports in this sense presented to the Government by the Table on the Environment and road vehicles proposal - which he belongs - either to create this obligation.           

 CAA-Quebec believes that mandatory inspection would provide the government with the opportunity to pose a tangible contribution to the environment. In fact, you should know that vehicle 8 years and maintained properly may issue up to half less polluting emissions into the atmosphere (harmful gases and greenhouse gas emissions) a vehicle of the same age who did not receive the adequate maintenance. "Several studies show: restoring state of the system pollution, for example, contributes significantly to the reduction of harmful gases, while improving the performance of vehicle and fuel consumption," says Sophie Gagnon, Senior Director , Public and Government Relations, CAA-Quebec.           

 To facilitate its implementation, this requirement could be applied just prior to a transfer of ownership. So before hitting the road as a result of a change of ownership, these vehicles should be subject to scrutiny aimed at controlling the emission levels of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere, allowing authorities to provide evidence of conformity of the mechanical state of the vehicle. According to data collected by the Table, the new vehicles in Canada contribute less than 1% of the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 12.5% ​​for the entire fleet of light vehicles. "In looking SAAQ statistics, we find that over 37% of vehicles registered in Quebec in 2005 had 8 or more years of age."            

A profitable maintenance ... More than 400 000 transactions involving vehicles 8 years and older are performed each year by the SAAQ. And when one considers that the average age of vehicles in Quebec is more than 7 years, according to the most recent data, the mandatory inspection would certainly put a level number of vehicles whose mechanical condition is anomalous . "A vehicle in good condition is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for its owner, who can benefit when reselling. Such a measure would promote the regular maintenance of vehicles while providing motorists more safety on the road, "Ms. Gagnon precise.            

A new fashion, old problems ... In the same vein, CAA-Quebec asks the Government to include in its reflection the vehicle-related uses of 15 years and more problematic imported from Japan. Increasingly present on our roads, these vehicles can consume up to 25 liters of fuel per 100 km and are generally not equipped injection with electronic control and abatement of last generation or are modified to be more efficient to the detriment of the environment. In addition, tests realized on these models show a very high which must be concerned with emission rates.            

A visit to (NEWS section): the editorial of chairman and ceo of CAA-Quebec, Paul A. Pelletier, published in the Spring 2008 issue of Touring magazine. CAA-Quebec, nonprofit organization founded in 1904, offers its approximately 925,000 members of the services, benefits and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

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