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DuPont unveils its world ranking of popularity of automobiles shades

The metallized gray is no longer the undisputed champion auto shades, according to the 2007 DuPont Report on the popularity of colors in the world. After seven consecutive years in the top of the list, the metallized gray was replaced by white / white pearl and black / black effect propelled by head of auto preferees colors.

DuPont studied statistics in matters of colors for over 55 years and identifies trends converging in color preference. This year, DuPont sees the assertion of white / white pearl trend reversal and provides for an increase in popularity for the new metallized black and other color effects in the coming years. Red, for its part, continues to gain momentum and seems to herald an evolution towards more vivid colors in nearly all market segments.

This year, the DuPont report on the popularity of colors in the world differs from other reports of this type is interesting is the color by vehicle type and by geographic region. For the first time, data on the popularity of automobiles in Brazil shades and Mexico are available independently. The report DuPont itself as reference in order to analyze and predict trends in the matter on the basis of consumer choice and is a landmark for the automotive industry. His influence also exceeds the boundaries of the industry and gaining furniture, consumer electronics and fashion.

International trends in matters of colors

"The pearl white and black effect are two neutral shades with special effects, including metallic and changing finishes," stated Karen Surcina of DuPont. "It is reassuring colors for customers, who can bring their own style and a personal touch."

As for fashion, paint manufacturers are discovering their annual "collections" of colors to automakers in a formal presentation. The theme of the DuPont Color Show this year is Winning with Color "winning the colors." Whitney White (white), Gwendolyn Gray (gray), Roger Rocket (bluish white), the Remington Red (red), Giselle Glacier (white), Gaby Goldfish (orange) and Nemo Night (dark blue) are among the colors with fun names presented this year to customers of DuPont. "The important place occupied by the neutral palette throughout the world shows that the preferences of customers aligned increasingly at the international level," said Karen Surcina.

Overall, the popularity of colors began to drag the gray metallized to the classic gray. White / white pearl remains highly prized for trucks and 4x4, due to their large volume. This trend is also visible through the success of white / white pearl among consumers of luxury goods and other market segments. The popularity of red experiencing significant global growth, with an overall increase of 2%.

Data on the popularity of colors per region / country some

Europe - Black is by far the most popular color, with about 25% of the market. Up 1% over the last year, beating the metallized gray. In Europe, black is preferred to other colors for all types of vehicles with the exception of the MPV category, where it occupies the 3rd place. Similarly in North America, the effects of black metallized gaining ground. Finally, we detected a clear trend towards more color, with gray and brighter primary colors such as blue and red.

North America - White / white pearl is the most popular, with 19% of the total work and 26% of the market in camions/4x4 category. White / white pearl is shared with black luxury segment, while the metallized gray dominates the compact vehicle segments / sport and intermediate / crossovers, even if he has lost speed the last year with a cumulative decline 5% since the 2006 report.

Mexico - white / white pearl is also in mind, with 32% of the domestic work. Gray and red round off the trio head with, respectively, 15% and 13% of the market.

Brazil - The Brazil, which debuted as independent segment in the report, see the gray metallized in mind of the most popular colors, with 34% of the market. Black is far behind in second position with 23%, then comes the gray, with 15%.

Japan - White / white pearl is the overall head on, with a share of 24%, reflecting the level of last year. Gray metallized located not far behind with 22%, a decrease of 5% compared to 2006. As in North America, the gray metallized first choice of Japanese for intermediate and compact / sport vehicles.

China - the gray metallized carries only a percentage point on black. White / white pearl, blue and red are the top five supplement the country's most popular colors, classic gray coming in sixth position.

South Korea - The metallized gray head is 39% of the market. White / white pearl represented 25% of the market and the black and black effect, 22%.

"The classification of preferences of tints per region and country allows DuPont to better meet the needs of its customers in terms of global destiny dynamic range operation of the automobile," said Karen Surcina. "This presentation trends will establish a constructive dialogue with our direct customers and the different car manufacturers around the trends that we identify and palette we envision for the future."

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