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Audatex Canada integrates the data Chrysler AudaVIN

The database of manufacturers of equipment for the most comprehensive source of industry continues to grow to ensure greater rapidity and efficiency of settlement of claims.

Audatex Canada ULC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Solera Holdings, Inc., the leading global provider of solutions in matters of settlement applications for the automotive industry today announced the signing of an agreement for the integration of data production on Chrysler vehicles sold in Canada through AudaVINMC Audatex, the vehicle identification technology.

The integration of production data of the Chrysler AudaVIN technology contributes to increase the precision of the identification of vehicles by Audatex technology developed for the Canadian market. This technology allows insurers and repairers to provide advanced solutions for total or partial loss of vehicles whose owners can benefit from.

"Thanks to our global alliance with automobile power such as Chrysler, and the integration of their production data to our product portfolio, we have strengthened our position as a leader in innovation of technology assessment and assessment of total losses, "said Tony Aquila says, chairman and ceo, Solera Holdings, inc. the parent company of Audatex Canada. "More importantly, we provide significant intelligence to help our clients, insurers and repair shops, has better serve their customers vehicles Chrysler owners in all countries where these vehicles are sold and repaired. " 

"Chrysler North America moves to the third largest manufacturer of original equipment on applications for auto repairs. This arrangement of data integration Chrysler testifies to the elan of AudaVIN growth in the Canadian market as a high value-added solution to the reliability of the estimate and assessment of total losses, "stated Anthony Giagnacovo, general manager, Audatex Canada. "The data provided par'AudaVIN are unique in the sense that they are identical to the data of the manufacturer, and until finishing detail for each of the vehicles leaving the assembly line. Thanks to this high level of precision, we help to accelerate the process of settlement of compensation, and to increase the level of customer satisfaction. "

With the support of more than 40 manufacturers situated in more than 60 countries, AudaVIN uses data from the vehicle identification number (VIN) to define the precise manner and adequate all the standard equipment and optional for a given vehicle, such that 'incorporated by the manufacturer, from the brand, the model of the series, engine, gearbox, standard equipment to code outside of the paint, interior trim code, has the date of manufacture, tires and wheels. The integration of these data to estimate and evaluation tools of total losses benefited consumers and provides adjusters, estimators as well as repair shops and production information on the precise and complete vehicle, this which facilitates a fair value estimate and adequate reparation of vehicles.

By its ability to identify the most common complex options and sets included on the vehicle, AudaVIN goes beyond existing technologies VIN decoding. providing, in just seconds, accurate and comprehensive information. This results in a considerable reduction of inspection time, the precise identification of the parts, an estimate of damage and assessment fairer total loss, as well as the improvement of approvals Trial. AudaVIN also meets the main consumer worries about mistakes in the settlement process, identifying a set of options or vehicle to be taken into account to avoid a negative impact on the value of the vehicle or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

About Audatex Canada

Audatex Canada is the leading supplier of solutions in matters of property claims for insurance and auto repair shops companies. Audatex Canada ULC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solera Holdings, Inc. Solera is the leading global provider of solutions in matters of settlement applications for the automotive industry. Solera provides global business solutions for their customers automate their processes to manage every year millions of applications for settlement and processing of regulations billion effective way. Under the Solera group of companies, the Audatex, AudaExplore, AUTOonline, Market Scan, Sidexa, Informex, INPART, ABZ, Hollander, HPI and IMS companies can rely on the unique experience on a global scale Solera to develop and offer advanced technologies, increased market knowledge and best practices to the local scale. For more information, please visit our website at the address

SOURCE Audatex Canada ULC

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