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The budgetary impasse has reduced car sales in the USA

The budgetary impasse has reduced car sales in the USA picture #1

Motorists and the cost of roads ...

Car sales have slowed last week, and some dealers and experts blame the politicians and their arguments in Washington.

The harvested by JD Power and Associates data reveal that sales fall during the second week of October, in the heart of the budgetary impasse with causes partial paralysis of the U.S. Government.

In the first week of the month, car sales recorded an annual rate of 15.6 million, but this rate falls to 15.3 million in the week ending October 11.

Analysts had expected that car sales resumed in October after a September low. But JD Power data show the opposite and LMC Automotive analyst Jeff Schuster believes that there is no explanation other than the partial paralysis of government.

Falling car sales in September was due to the fact that the strong sales recorded during the weekend of Labour Day has been integrated statistics of August this year.

JD Power figures are usually not made public, but the Associated Press has obtained Wednesday by a customer of the company.

Analysts believe that some consumers have turned his back to the car running, refusing to make a large purchase in a period of uncertainty in Washington.

The U.S. Congress has adopted Wednesday a negotiated bipartisan agreement by the Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate to leave the United States for fiscal impasse that has paralyzed the machinery of government and the public service for 16 days.

The budgetary impasse has reduced car sales in the USA picture #2

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