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Toyota Secure pedestrians

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Pre-Crash system with directional assistance the avoidance of pedestrians using the automatic steering to avoid collisions

Toyota Motor Corporation announced the development of a new system of Pre-Crash (Pre-Collision System) designed to prevent accidents with pedestrians using the automatic management, in addition to force extra braking and automatic braking Pre-Crash. Toyota is committed to developing safety devices to eliminate injuries and deaths caused by road accidents involving pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

The new PCS system with the aid avoidance of pedestrians can help to avoid collisions when the automatic braking is not enough, for example in case of excessive speed of the vehicle or sudden irruption of a pedestrian. Embeds a sensor detects the presence of pedestrians and, if the system determines a collision, it triggers a visual alert on the dashboard, just in front of the driver. If the probability of accidents increases, then the system emits an audible and visual alarm to prompt the driver to perform a maneuver of avoidance, while activating force extra braking and automatic pre-crash braking. If the device determines that the brake will not only to avoid the shock, but there is enough room for maneuver of avoidance, it triggers the directional assistance to depart the vehicle of pedestrian.

In Japan, the number of deaths in road accidents has been falling for twelve years and has established a 4411 in 2012. However, pedestrians represent the most affected group with 37.0% of victims *.

Last year, Toyota has developed a system that uses a force extra braking and automatic pre-crash braking to avoid collisions with pedestrians. Adopted by the Lexus LS, the device warns the driver when he detects a collision with a pedestrian or any obstacle. In the absence of reaction on his part, the system is automatically activated.

TMC wants to make the PCS (avoidance of pedestrians without directional assistance) and more affordable to deploy the year 2015 on different models before introducing the version with directional assistance.

* Bureau data traffic of the Japanese National Police

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