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Andrew Ranger: A huge talent wasted almost

Since the day I met the young Andrew Ranger, there ca many years, it was in 2003 or 2004 if I remember correctly, I quickly recognized his immense talent racer.

He was in the series North America Fran-Am 2000, I immediately knew it was a most beautiful quebecois raw talent with Gilles Villeneuve, Uncle Jacques, Jacques's son Gilles also with the Patrick Carpentier, Bertrand Godin and more recently Bruno Spengler.

From the age of 18, Ranger was remarkable debuts in the Atlantic series, winning the rookie of the year in 2004 before ending up in 2005 at the age USD19 years driving a Champ Car with very veloce Team My-Jack Conquest Racing where he became the youngest driver on the podium with his second place in Monterrey, Mexico.

In 2006 he is back with My-Jack and finished the championship at the 10th spot.

As he could not get the necessary budget to continue in Champ Car and no serious partner does pointing a horizon despite his talent and undeniable results, Andrew was found in NASCAR Canadian Tire Series where he made his mark in his entrance with surprising victories to finish his first season as head stock car championship at the threshold of the twenty.

In 2008, he wins in Montreal and Trois-Rivieres in his back yard before winning the championship of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series a second time in three years in this very competitive series with 167 points ahead of his nearest rival .

Again short of budget to participate in the 2010 season of the series, he took a few races in series as NASCAR K & N on the number 35 Chevrolet Waste Management colors with victories at Infineon Raceway and Lime Rock Park.

In July 2010, he won the race in Indy Toronto and became the first driver to win three regional races in the same year with victories in the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

It recurrence in 2011 to his supporters with victories still Trois-Rivieres and Montreal, despite the lack of action and yet still lack of adequate budget. He also won an ARCA race in New Jersey.

He also participated in a Nationwide race at Road America with a 6th Place.

Another difficult year financially in 2012 where he has to settle for partial participation in NASACAR Canadian Tire series with new victories with him, as he likes to say in Montreal and ICAR.

In his palmares 2013, ICAR has added victories at the beginning of July with the team of La Cite de Mirabel during the fourth round of the season. He leads from start to finish the Jiffy Lube 100 aboard the 27 Dodge prepared by excellent team of Dave Jacombs Racing.

Also in July, it was masterful on the road course of New Jersey Motorsports aboard the NDS Motorsports Dodge 53 by an intelligent race to cross the checkered flag with a lead of nearly 10 seconds over Tom Hessert.

Ranger became the first triple champion of this test in New Jersey in the ARCA series, another feat plug already very brilliant.

It was during the weekend of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres he succeeds quite a feat in the presence of larger sizes with Jacques Villeneuve, Alex Tagliani, the brothers Dumoulin and all the heads of regular posters in the series as Scott Steckley, JR Fitzpatrick, DJ Kennington, Kerry Micks, Jason Hathaway and one of the local favorites Marc-Antoine Camirand making his debut in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series to his supporters.

This is following a spectacular ski lift on 27 Dodge La Cite de Mirabel Ranger who was double 28 drivers before him hoped to enter the victory almost impossible succeeded in ending second behind DJ Kennington but before that Villeneuve was very sporty Ranger when pressed at the end of the race.

He still made the demonstration of his talent last weekend by winning a brilliant victory in K & N Pro West on Miller Motorsports Park. Last party of the pack meeting the qualifying was canceled because of rain. Last first has still to be done.

The ride of the century!

It is July 3 at the day of Trioomph Foundation ICAR Mirabel I had confirmation of what I knew already long on the undeniable talent of Ranger.

I attended as a media representative this wonderful day that rewards the efforts and perseverance of about 300 young people from some 30 institutions of secondary education in the presence of driver quebecois as Patrice Brisebois, Marc-Andre Bergeron, Jr. Ray Courtemanche Jacques Deshaies, Bertrand Godin, the confrere Marc Lachapelle Guide Auto, Didier Schraenen, Isabelle Tremblay and Andrew Ranger had all accepted the invitation of Francois-Charles Sirois, President and founder of the Foundation for Trioomph offer young deserving students experiments track aboard racing cars and tourism including several Porsche.

At the end of day after the departure of the young, we were a group of friends breathe a bit when I suggested to my friend Andrew for giving me a few laps aboard a magnificent Porsche kindly lent by Porsche Prestige for the day.

During the first three rounds of Andrew circuit and I had time to talk to us, ca driving fast but not limited like pilots say.

"How did you find ca Michel?"

"I thought ca go faster?"

Grave Error!

Andrew has not said a word focusing to pay * me * ride of a lifetime for three turns or limits I possibly crushed the carpet in the Porsche one-quarter inch, the two plants to the floor feet. Gliding on the totality of the ICAR, I was privileged to witness the immense talent of my young friend Ranger.

"How did you find those last three rounds Flag?"

The white man in me not to say a single word.


In fact it was only after being extricate myself from the Porsche I found the use of the word.

"Where is the toilet please"

My friend and collaborator precious photographer Michel Dansereau was close enough and especially end ready to take a souvenir of the white man.

Pilot friends had a lot of fun to see me in this state .. Grace!

Andrew thank you for the ride of the century, I will never forget the young :)

It remains for me one intelligent question in conclusion:

Or are the sponsors would have to find Andrew NASCAR Sprint Cup or he would probably have more beard are yet?

In a future column, I will discuss a plan.

Michel Flageole, Flagworld, special cooperation Auto Guide

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