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Toyota will launch a "new era" for energy-efficient hybrid

Toyota will launch a "new era" for energy-efficient hybrid picture #1

Toyota Secure pedestrians


Toyota will launch a "new era" for energy-efficient hybrid picture #2

Toyota Auto Show Frankfurt 2013

- It will intensify the global commercialization of hybrids -

Want to save money and gasoline? Toyota aims to help consumers achieve ay.

Promising continuous progress in energy efficiency, Satoshi Ogiso, officer of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has outlines the launch of a new era for hybrid technology, with the arrival of the Prius next generation.

To present the ads in context, Toyota gathers in one place for the very first time in its history, the whole range of vehicles from Toyota and Lexus hybrids sold worldwide. The company has sold more than five million Toyota and Lexus hybrids at the scale of the planet. It is estimated that their effect on the environment represents a reduction of 34 million tonnes of C02 - which is equivalent to removing 4.8 million vehicles off the road.

Based on Toyota's commitment as an industry leader in hybrid technology, Mr. Ogiso announced that "when the Prius next generation arrives, it will mark the beginning of a new era for a wide range of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, "and the builder will be" the first to launch a family of hybrid powertrains improved considerably. "

By the end of 2015, Toyota plans to launch a global scale not less than 15 hybrid vehicles entirely new or redraw. These new hybrid powertrains will provide a greatly improved fuel economy in a lighter and less expensive compact format. Mr. Ogiso has stated that this new generation of powertrains benefit from important advances in technology batteries, electric motors and gasoline engines, an initiative that is part of the strategy for the electrification of Toyota 's car using hybrid technology, electrical systems has batteries and fuel cells.

Mr. Ogiso has used the Prius next generation as an example.

"For many years, the current Prius holds the palm in North America in terms of efficiency energetics, said Mr. Ogiso. During its three generations, the Prius has seen its energy efficiency improve by an average of 10 percent each generation. The challenge consists to continue to improve at this rate - by breaking his own record - becomes very difficult, but it is even more challenging. We are very motivated to pulveriser our record. "

The next Prius will be equipped of improved batteries providing greater density energetics - the relationship between battery power and dimensions. Toyota, which is already a leader in battery technology with advanced traction has redoubled efforts to research, development and production capacity batteries, nickel-metal-hydride and lithium-ion battery, and use these technologies or what is the appropriate to focus more on the electrification of the automobile. Toyota also intensifies the development of new battery technologies, including solid and lithium-air batteries batteries, and dedicated resources that focus on chemical elements other than lithium, in particular magnesium and other materials with low valence .

The next Prius will also be equipped smaller electric motors. He noted that the engines of the current Prius possess four times the power density of those of the first model and that "the next engine will have a higher density."

Moreover, the thermal efficiency of the petrol engine of the current Prius is 38.5 percent. The next generation will increase this efficiency is more than 40 percent - a world record.

The next Prius will also use the new global architecture Toyota (tnga), which presents a lower center of gravity and greater structural rigidity, which will contribute to driving dynamics greatly improved.

An improved aerodynamics contribute to the creation of a new outdoor silhouette. Mr. Ogiso promised a more spacious cabin and considerable refinements in design, development and ease of use.

Mr. Ogiso also says that the Prius Plug (PHV) next generation is under development, in parallel to the standard Prius model.

"We listen very carefully to the owners of the Prius PHV, and we study their demands for greater autonomy in all electric mode. The owners have also told us they desire a more convenient method recharge added Mr. Ogiso. Accordingly, we are developing a new wireless charging system / induction which produces a resonance between a coil has on the ground and another winding transmitting ship the energy to the battery, which allows the charge without the hassle of a cable. " He added that the work of the verification system will be effected in Japan, the United States and Europe in 2014.

Work is progressing also at the first fuel cell vehicle hydrogen fuel that will be marketed by Toyota, a new intermediate four-door sedan concept which will be unveiled at the Auto Show in Tokyo in November. This vehicle will be presented for the first time in North America in January at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas.

The hydrogen fuel cell will operate the hybrid core technology and will be a primary element of the future strategy of Toyota in mobility.

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