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The Defi Vision Mira Autodrome Granby

A hilarious show also impressive.

That has not already said at least once in his life a young driver without experience: "You drive like a blind faith my God!"

This is exactly what has the very nice present crowd Autodrome Granby was invited last Friday night. A blind race!

For thirty cars on track with blind guides vocally by blind people on the track with a few bonus abandoned bagnoles drivers here and to serve as additional obstacles as if it was necessary to add more.

"The craziest race in the world" is aptly named

The launch of the race which was to last 10 laps, 32 cars were lined up two by two on the start-finish line of the oval track dirt Granby.

Only two of the 32 teams were unable to take the start, one of which has remained stationary in the center of the track from the outset become an additional obstacle for the brave pilots and co-pilots should avoid as much as the cars crashed other competitors trying to make their way through the debris of all kinds abandoned by many incidents.

Initially, this is the car number 29 blind pilot Giacomo Verbich co-pilot Patrick Bousez who took the head of the ordeal thanks to a quick departure to launch the race by Sir Richard Goulet, mayor of Granby who deploye the green flag.

Of the first round of the parts of body including complete bumper littered the track adding to the difficulty, since all trying to avoid, to the delight of the crowd who appreciate the snow-cross control by co-pilots their accomplices blind driving.

This is done with the roar of the crowd from the main stage that photographers on site are informed that hanging is about to occur.

This is also the crowd will react to the skilful maneuvering of the pilot number 7 has managed to sneak between 4 cars that were immobilized to the full Gateway Chief Signalman car. Several other drivers have also tried the same maneuver successfully without causing a huge pileup.

This is exactly what happened to the pilot Julie Gauthier assisted former Montreal Canadiens player Georges Laraque, the spokesman of the event for this edition 2013.

The duo Gauthier-Laraque eventually class in the fifth position. Few adventurous like me standing on the wall to make happy memories of this spectacular race amusing were witnesses of very great battles to keep the head photographers.

It is ultimately the duo Sylvain Dumont blind driver accompanies the young pilot of the series NASCAR K & N Alex Labbe who earned the victory of a shortened race 7 laps on ten schedules, the straight line in front of the main stage being become a copy Boulevard Metropolitain a Friday night 5:00 p.m. forcing the race direction to end prematurely to the test.

We then assist in an explosion of joy from the crowd very beautiful and also all the participants who came out of pretty banged up cars for the most part holding the arms of their escorts and dozens of volunteers who all wore white jackets with the inscription Defi Vision 2013.

Super soiree raised the sum of $ 4158.00 dollars on the spot and more gifts that will continue to enter into the coffers of MIRA with the sale of DVD's Wild Ride offered on the official website of the Autodrome.

We invite you to make your donation.

Among the best-known personalities participants mad race over George Laraque and boxer Jean Pascal, the direction of the event was able to count on the collaboration of Patrick Bordeleau of the Colorado Avalanche, Etienne Boulay Montreal Alouettes Andre Roy columnist RDS and several other personalities.

Suite has a large household of debris around the assured by pilots and by a crew of riders series REGULAR track, the regular program could resume racing with 25 laps for the different classes in the program.

Text and photos by Michel Flageole

Flagworld Communications Inc.

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