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Montreal: soaring prices of gasoline $ 1.45 per liter

Movement of soaring prices is under way Tuesday morning in some gas stations Montreal and Laval, the ordinary liter being sold are near $ 1.45.

The day before, most gas stations in the metropolis and Laval yet had a price that was lower by more than $ 0.10 or $ 1.33 less than the regular liter.

The minimum price fixed for the week of July 9 by the Regie de l'energie is $ 1.30 per liter for the Montreal region.

According to the Web Site, prices usually range from $ 1.24 per liter and $ 1.29 in numerous regions of Quebec, the Monteregie, Ottawa, Centre-du-Quebec and Laurentians.

Tuesday morning, New York, the price of a barrel of crude oil for August delivery was U.S. $ 103. In London, the price of Brent North Sea was a little over U.S. $ 107.

These awards are part of an upward movement begins the last week which was mainly fueled by the socio-political crisis in Egypt, which fears disruptions in the passage of cargoes of oil in the Suez Canal.

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