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Q50 design: a rich heritage

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Q50 design: a rich heritage picture #1

Infiniti Q50 2014 Approved by the Sebastian!

New models

Q50 design: a rich heritage picture #2

Launch of the new Infiniti Q50 at Park Avenue

New models

Q50 design: a rich heritage picture #3

Infiniti Q50 2014 sold from $ 37,500

New models

Q50 design: a rich heritage picture #4

Infiniti launches production of its sedan Q50


Q50 design: a rich heritage picture #5

Infiniti Q50: a new entry-level Infiniti

Gasoline, Etherea, Emerg-e: three Concepts Cars exception helped define these last four years DNA Infiniti luxury brand high performance from Japan.

Its dynamic lights has the characteristic of the etched rear quarter crescent moon, the Infiniti Q50 incorporates many stylistic elements that made the success of Concepts Cars that have preceded, all in a spacious four-door sedan.

"The door Q50 Infiniti his DNA," stated Albaisa Alfonso, Executive Director of Infiniti design. "For our brand, Concept Car is much more than an exercise in style destines a car show. It is the canvas on which we paint cars series which we dream. With the new Q50 our dreams become reality. "

DNA Infiniti is symbolized by a warm and emotional design, inspired by man and nature; of the elements in which the new Infiniti Q50 has draws. But it is not just the exterior design of the Q50 that was influenced by the trilogy Concepts Cars Infiniti, the interior has also inherited the style and materials used in Essence and Etherea Emerg-e.

"Concepts Cars are a great way to experiment expertise and technology that characterize the vehicles Infiniti," adds M.Albaisa. "The materials and stylistic elements of Concept Cars have had a major impact on the Q50 is why the interior of the new model is so special. "

The obsessive attention to detail and quality of finish illustrate the influence of the trilogy Concepts in Q50. Thus, the body of Q50 brings not only a new form of elegance to the category as well as manufacturing techniques so precise that the assembly of various elements of body among the best of the market.

From concept to reality

The influence of the trilogy Concept Cars Infiniti Q50 on the six-point

Optical (Etherea, 2011)

Distinctive headlights Q5O have changed little since their first appearance on the Etherea. This concept as the Q50, "fire eyes of the car are" M.Albaisa stated: "The lights allow us to define the front of the Infiniti better than ever, offering a unique visual signature by day and by night. " The front light units include daytime marked by a row of LEDs crescent-shaped, signature we find at the back where the lights are stretched to the limit, also recalling the Essence.

A rear quarter crescent moon (Essence, 2009)

One of the most remarkable elements of style of the Essence, the rear quarter crescent moon is faithfully taken on the Q50 for a more dynamic profile and a vehicle recognizable at first glance the eye. Alfonso Albaisa explains: "Since Essence, we knew that the crescent-shaped design was to play an important role in future series of Infiniti cars. "

A double-arch grille has three dimensions (Etherea, 2011)

The double arch Infiniti grille - the upper part represents a traditional Japanese bridge, the lower part its reflection in the water - has long been the most typical part of the front of the Infiniti. On the Q50, grille win in relief, following the design of the Etherea Concept with its finish steel mesh beautifully performed. The appearance of Q50 is reinforced by the grille reliee visually at the base of the front.

Beltline (Essence, 2009)

With his belt deep and abrupt cash Infiniti Q50 new possesses some of the most complex areas in its class, inherited the Essence Concept. Profile shaped body wave made the success of this cutting luxury spectacular and effective style. For Q50, the result is a rider with rear wings including him conferring powerful shoulders.

Interior asymmetric (Essence, 2009, Emerg-e, 2012)

The driver is at the heart of all Infiniti - the same way as the comfort and hospitality vested in the front passenger. Gasoline, and later Emerg-e, have managed to combine the two with a Ying-Yang approach; this result is visible on the Infiniti Q50: an asymmetrical front cockpit with two distinct spaces, separated by an elegant curve on the center console.

Interieures finishes (Essence and Etherea Emerg-e)

The modern interpretation of Japanese arts and crafts tradition is part of the attraction of Concepts Infiniti Cars. Yet they are more than just decorative elements. They are an integral part of what represents Infiniti.

Thus, many of these items have a direct influence on the Q50, such as aluminum inserts whose texture is inspired complex weaves that made the samurai armor.

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