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CRE-Montreal and the environmental impacts of parking

The Regional Council of the Environment Montreal (CRE-Montreal) wishes to congratulate the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ) have added to the guide on the digging of parking a note about the standard Fight " the urban heat island - Layouts parking areas - a guide for designers, "the Bureau de normalization du Quebec and the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec, has to fight against the urban heat island.

"The off-street parking areas, characterized by large areas covered with asphalt, promote the emergence and intensification of the urban heat island. At the time of design, it is possible to integrate means to fight against the effects of heat islands, including seeking to improve thermal performance. BNQ 3019-190 standard provides useful information in this regard. By this gesture, the MTQ has therefore allows all professionals of Quebec who have responsibility Extension parking areas have access to a strategy to reduce the impact of these areas on the urban heat island "says Daniel Bouchard , responsible for transportation campaigns, GES and regional planning at the CRE-Montreal.

About CRE-Montreal

The Regional Council of the Environment Montreal (CRE-Montreal) is a non-profit independent, dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development on the island of Montreal. By grouping and cooperation of its members through its outreach activities, public representation and its different projects action, it contributes to the improvement of the quality of the living environment and social equity on the island of Montreal.

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