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Mercedes-Benz Canada reports record sales for January

Mercedes-Benz Canada reports record sales for January picture #1

Mercedes-Benz Canada Experienced its best year to date in 2013

Mercedes-Benz Canada reports record sales for January picture #2

Mercedes-Benz B-Class: a million units Produced

Mercedes-Benz Canada and its national network of dealers today Announced That the company HAD Delivered total of 2,278 units Mercedes-Benz and smart falling on the month HAS. This is the best month of January the group That HAS ever known. Were Overall sales up 28% or 499 units Compared to January 2013.

All in all, 1,993 passenger cars and luxury light trucks Mercedes-Benz Were sold at retail in January. This Represents an Increase of 30% Compared to the same month of the previous year.

Sales of passenger cars Totaled 1,302 units for the month - to face up 68.7% or 530 units Compared to January 2013, Including All All which great sales results for models CLA Class of Class C, Class E and Class S. As regards the luxury light truck , WAS registered high demand for the Entire Range of These vehicles taken and resulted in sales of 691 units.

During the month, 74% of customers choosing a light luxury utility-have opted for a diesel model. HAS AWD models the permanent 4MATIC, Themselves, Represent 77.4% of total sales of passenger cars and light Commercial vehicles (smart models excluded) Recorded in January.

smart reported about total sales of about 43 vehicles in January, up 26.5% sales Compared to the same month of the previous year.

Deliveries of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Totaled 242 vehicles for the month, Which Represents an Increase of 14.2% Compared to January 2013.

As a division of Mercedes-Benz, as it HAS started the year off right, with Shipments of 799 vehicles for the month, or 76 units or 10.5% more than in January 2013.

"I am pleased Abebooks web continuing our strong momentum Effective our record year of 2013 and I am very happy to start the year with way too positive," Tim A. Reuss STATED, president and general director of Mercedes-Benz Canada. "The domestic season of auto shows Has Begun with the Canadian premiere of the GLA. Based on the same platform as our Class B and Class CLA frank success, this sporty new addition to our family of lightweight luxury utility a lot of enthusiasm falling on His unveiling at the International Auto Show and arrived in Montreal dealerships in the fall. With Each new product we add to our ever Increasing range, we further Strengthen our commitment to offer our customers exceptional vehicles Characterized by a quality / price and making figure of reference in Their respective segments report. "

Source: Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes-Benz Canada reports record sales for January picture #3

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