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Renault-Nissan sold 100,000 cars Zero-Emission

The Renault-Nissan Alliance sold icts 100 000th Zero Emission vehicle.

The electric vehicles from Renault and Nissan-have Traveled about 841 million kilometers in "Zero Emission" mode, or more than 20,000 times around the earth. This Represents a total saving of 53 million liters of oil and 124 million kilograms of CO2 Emitted Some.

"The era of the Zero Emission Vehicle Mass Began," STATED Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance. "The development of infrastructure charging shoulds encouraged more demand and we reaffirm our commitment to the long-term commitment to the Zero Emission technology."

The Renault-Nissan sold over HAS Zero Emission vehicles than Any Other Major Automakers reunited.

The first electric vehicle sold by the Alliance Was a Nissan LEAF, achetee in December 2010, the launch of the vehicle, by Olivier Chalouhi, an engineer in Silicon Valley, California.

The 100 000th vehicle WAS book at the Beginning of July WAS Allison Howard, a student at the University Master in Kennesaw Atlanta, Georgia, All All which uses the new Nissan LEAF to get Underway.

"The LEAF WAS Proposed at a price quite interesting," says Allison Howard. "For a student like me, It was affordable. She is super nice to drive.

This is awesome. I love it! "

"The embedded Bluetooth technology Enables hands-free calling. I can connect my iPhone and listen to music. In addition, as this is an all electric vehicle, I have no expenditure of fuel, and when to you are student, it's great."

For more information on electric vehicles buyers and the Renault-Nissan major step That Represents the 100 000th vehicle sold, we invite you to discover the video:

Nissan LEAF - the best-selling car maker in the world

More than 71,000 drivers door-have purchasers of the Nissan LEAF, the electric vehicle sellers in the world. LEAF Represents more than half of global sales of electric vehicles all.

Nissan LEAF WAS named World Car of the Year 2011 European Car of the Year 2011 Car of the Year Japan for 2011-2012.

Over 80% of buyers of cars drove Calculated calculated previously LEAF Reviews Reviews another brand, Which Makes LEAF one of the "vehicles of conquest" the most innovative work. Happy owners declare Their Majority In Their LEAF Which Does not consume a drop of gasoline, mittal daily Their classic car.

The main steps of Nissan LEAF is the United States, with about 30,000 copies sold, Japan (28,000) and Europe (12, 000).

In the United States, LEAF is Among the 10 Most vehicles sold in San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu.

It also listed Among the 10 best sales in Norway. This is the best selling model Nissan (more than 4,600 units since 2011). In Norway, the electric vehicles are Exempted from VAT and toll road and can take bus lanes and have free parking.

Renault - European market leader with icts full range of electric vehicles

Renault sold about 30,000 electric vehicles since the late 2011 release of icts first model, Kangoo ZEqui WAS Elected International Utility Vehicle of the Year 2012.

Renault is now the number one European market of the electric vehicle, with 61% of market share. The first Renault electric vehicles steps are France, Germany and Italy.

Furthermore Kangoo ZE, Renault also offers icts sedan Fluence ZE, Twizy urban quadricycle Has Two seats and the compact ZOE Launched at the Beginning of the year.

Twizy electric model is Currently the Most Popular Renault, with 11,000 units sold since Approximately icts release early 2012.

Renault ZOE HAS ranks of 210 km (NEDC). In France, it is sold from 13,700 euros (rental not included battery) Given the premium 7,000 euros Granted by the government. Has commercialized Throughout Europe in the spring, ZOE HAS Approximately 5,000 copies already sold.

For Zero Emission Future

World leader in electric vehicle, the Alliance remains fully Mobilized future Zero Emission vehicles with That can be fully recharges from renewable sources for.

The lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles from the Alliance fully comply with all environmental and safety standards. The vehicles can be recharged in Any electrical station or network to be fully recharges overnight at the driver's home, in a car parking lot or in a parking lot.

To accelerate the adoption of electric vehicle in the world, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is working with Governments, energy companies and all stakeholders in the establishment of a network of charging stations for motorists Their recharge batteries up to 80% of capacity in less than Their 30 minutes.

Source: Renault-Nissan

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