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Kia Motors is carving out a place Among the 50 Most ecological brands

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Kia Motors has-beens RANKED 37th Among the 50 Most global brands by Interbrand ecological in 2013. The Korean automaker is making icts entrance to the annual ranking Measures All All which the environmental performance and sustainability of the broader 100 large largest brands in the world. Interbrand Evaluates companies in terms of the perception of the market and the actual environmental performance of products and Their Their services.

Review: Review: The most recent testimony of consideration Interbrand Closely follows the recent arrival of Kia in the 100 Best Global Brands 2012 ranking she Took 87th.

According To study the "50 Best Global Green Brands 2013" Kia HAS Given the priority to the ecological management in icts strategy of brand management, while Focusing on quality and design management since 2006. Through this initiative Kia HAS enormously Improves the performance of vehicles icts , in endeavoring to Reduce Their fuel consumption and for the complete elimination of long-term Issuance. For thesis efforts, Kia Continued to be Perceived as a leader in the field of environmental sustainability.

"In our opinion, the best green brands are the ones That are not only vital, relevant, innovative and Powerful goal as profitable, ethical and environmentally responsible design. We applaud the efforts of Kia Motors sustainability in all aspects of international activities icts, All All which allowed the company has-been named one of The Most ecological of 2013 "global brands, Jez Frampton STATED, chief Interbrand global leadership.

Kia's commitment to the respect of a mobility Whose performance is Increasing materialized in hand by the integration of the Most recent ecological technologies Has Its growing ranks of products, grouped under the name EcoDynamics to Ensure That business go to meet the Regulations Regarding Issuance and Continuously for for reduce the average fuel consumption of icts products. This includes the development of hybrid powertrains for the model Forte brand in Korea and the Optima model Elsewhere in the world of electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles to fully odd vehicles and a pile of a hydrogen.

Kia also HAS Improves the environmental performance of supply chain centers icts of Production and Logistical activities. The brand has-been honored for icts commitment to reduce to a minimum the harmful Emission from icts activities and Its use of water resources falling on the manufacturing process; as well as for recycling over 90% of waste generated in Producing falling on the North-American plants.

In the Meantime, the brand Consolidates icts social responsibility activities under the slogan "A better way to get there," All All which marks the launch of the Green Light Project, a global initiative to build schools AIMS That Provide a means clustering clustering and transportation for children Have you do not-have access to an education. The Green Light Project Operates as programs for the prevention of diseases and mobile clinics. In 2012, Kia HAS icts Increased investment in the social responsibility of the company to 15% over the previous year.

Tae-Hyun (Thomas) Oh, Executive Vice President and COO of Kia Motors Corporation, STATED That "Kia Motors to invest huge sums Continued in sustainable growth in environmental performance and social responsibility icts WAS global scale.

We aspire to create safe, environmental friendly Economic and vehicles in all our manufacturing and business practices-have-been Developed in the context of sustainability. The Kia employed around the world work hard to accomplish achieve Good Environmental Performance Accomplish all respects in the business, and we continue to invest to Promote sustainable mobility, "says Said Oh.

Source: Kia Motors

Kia Motors is carving out a place Among the 50 Most ecological brands picture #4

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