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Chrysler refuses recall of Jeep vehicles Requested by NHTSA

Chrysler Corporation Does something rarely seen in the annals of automotive industry refuses to proceed to a recall vehicles demand by U.S. Federal Authorities.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) HAS Conducted a survey on a variety of Jeep brand vehicles-have-been pressed to the back Effective 51 people-have perished in Some Of These collisions.

At the end of the investigation, the agency Requested That 2.7 million Jeeps are Recalled due to fire risk of the fuel tank falling on impact.

The affected models are the Jeep Grand Cherokee for years 2004 and 1993 Jeep Liberty 2002 2007.

In assembling icts more recent models, Chrysler installs tanks at Reviews Reviews another location but in a statement, the company BASED Auburn Hills, Michigan, says That the old design is safe and no callback That WAS plans.

Chrysler Believes That The conclusions of the NHTSA is based on an incomplete analysis.

NHTSA Has the authority to hold public hearings on the matter and order a recall, aim to do so, she need the approval of a court.

By cons, to save His Image, Chrysler probably interest the avoidance of public hearings.

The last year of Refusal automaker to recall vehicles dates back to January 2011. Reclame NHTSA recall of 1.3 million Ford trucks for airbag problem.

Government pressure finally HAD Encouraged Ford ceder and proceed to recall.

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