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Recharge Wrap-up: Big Oil fails at renewable fuel, scientists study air with EVs, plug-in Panamera sales

Big Oil companies help keep renewable fuels out of your tank, a new report shows. No surprise there, right? The Renewable Fuels Association published a report card grading the country's largest retail gasoline chains on fuel offerings like E85 and E15. The report gave failing grades, with less than one percent of stations offering E15 or E85, to "Big Five" companies Exxon, BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Shell, among other oil company and convenience/grocery store brands. The only major oil companies that didn't get an "F" were Valero (D), Cenex (B), and Marathon (A-). The eight companies that scored an A+ had at least 25 percent of their stations offering E85 or E15. Read more at Domestic Fuel.

Leicester scientists are studying local air pollution using EVs. Beginning July 4, University of Leicester researchers began driving electric vehicles kitted out with special sensors to monitor air quality throughout the city (similar to how California does it). Now their emissions-free daily driving duties double as data collection for their studies. "By monitoring air quality as a seamless part of our daily transport system, we are providing a cost-effective way to help inform future policy and operational systems," says the University's Dr. Roland Leigh. Read more at Fleet News.

"There is no doubt electric cars are the future." – Nissan's Andy Palmer

Nissan is exploring the idea of taking its Leaf EV to India, but a lack of charging options is an obstacle. According to Nissan's chief planning officer Andy Palmer, "There is no doubt electric cars are the future. The product is there, what we need is infrastructure. Charging is a big challenge." Though Nissan stopped short of saying it (this time), this could possibly mean working with Mahindra, which said it is open to collaborating with other companies concerning EVs. Learn more in this article from the Hindustan Times and know that India is rolling out a plan to encourage the production and adoption of EVs. The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan will get over $2 billion in funding, and some of that will go toward creating a charging infrastructure (you hear that, Nissan?). This is good news for EV manufacturers, India's economy and people who enjoy breathing clean air. Read more at The Financial Express.

Porsche has reported a significant sales increase, part of which is due to demand for the Panamera S E-Hybrid. Of the 87,800 Porsche cars delivered in the first half of 2014 - a nearly eight percent boost over last year - 13,500 were Panameras. About 10 percent of those sales were the Panamera S E-Hybrid. Green Car Congress has more details. Featured Gallery2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid: First Drive Source

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  • Nissan-Renault mule teases mysterious subcompact

    Nissan-Renault mule teases mysterious subcompact

    There's always something intriguing about a mystery, especially of the automotive kind, and that's exactly what we have here. Our spies recently spotted this Nissan-Renault test mule on the road in Southern Europe. But what, exactly, are they testing? From the front end, it's clear this mule started life as a Nissan Versa Note, but check it out in profile to see the cut down rear doors.

  • Nissan Leaf depreciates worse than any other car [UPDATE]

    Nissan Leaf depreciates worse than any other car [UPDATE]

    UPDATE: In response to our report, Nissan spokesperson Paige Presley offered the following comment on Leaf depreciation: "Nissan was a pioneer in the world of mass-market EVs, and now we are once again pioneers as we create a healthy, secondary market for used EVs. A big factor in the drop in 2011 and 2012 Leaf residuals is the price reduction when we launched the 2013 model. Nissan has taken a

  • Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo is seeing red

    Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo is seeing red

    If this car looks familiar, it's because we've seen it already. But with a fresh coat of matte red paint, Nissan's 2020 Vision Gran Turismo concept looks fresh as ever, and ready to take Tokyo by storm. If there was ever a car that previewed the next-generation of Godzilla, this is it. Fire Knight Red is a really striking color, especially in person, and it looks great on Nissan's angular,

  • Japanese automakers will seriously subsidize hydrogen fuel stations

    Japanese automakers will seriously subsidize hydrogen fuel stations

    Fresh off the announcement of the EPA-rated fuel economy and range figures for the Toyota Mirai, three of Japan's major automakers are throwing their weight behind hydrogen on the other side of the Pacific. Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are detailing their partnership in Japan to subsidize the creation of an expanded FCV refueling infrastructure there in the coming years. The plan could provide a


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