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Austin 1100 #8657383


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  • Bahrain said that the protests do not threaten the maintenance of GP

    Bahrain said that the protests do not threaten the maintenance of GP

    The organizers of the Grand Prix of Bahrain has declared Thursday that the sporadic demonstrations against the run and the violent protests that hit the nation in the Persian Gulf do not threaten the holding of the largest international event in the kingdom. Anti-government groups have set up these events to embarrass the authorities, but they have been limited to areas known for their opposition

  • Citroen C1: consumption falling

    Citroen C1: consumption falling

    It receives a new grille and LED daytime running lights has. However, it is under the hood found major improvements. They affect the 1.0-liter powertrain that delivers a power of 68 horses. By modifying certain elements of the engine and its new manual or automated transmissions, the engineers have managed to improve the fuel consumption. By way of example: Citroen C1 (manual): 4.3 l/100 km and

  • Porsche engines inspect new 911 GT3

    Porsche engines inspect new 911 GT3

    New development in the history of the Porsche 911 GT3 Porsche will replace the engine every 911 GT3 faulty Aston Martin has a massive recall METHOD Toyota recalls 30,000 hybrid Camry in the USA Acura recalls its RLX sedan 2014 The security holds the highest importance at Porsche and the company takes its responsibility seriously. Following the engines suffered in two vehicles in Europe that

  • Hyundai announces pricing for its new Genesis sedan upscale

    Hyundai announces pricing for its new Genesis sedan upscale

    First contacts 2009 Hyundai Genesis, this time it's serious! Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. is proud to announce the price of its new premium sedan. Genesis 2009 first sedan rear propulsion performance of the company will be offered a base price of $ 37,995 for the V6 version, and $ 43,995 for the V8 version. "This is a luxury car without luxury prices," said John Vernile, vice president of sales


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