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BMW 528i #7491611


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  • Audi Q3 Red Track: Star Worthersee Tour 2012

    Audi Q3 Red Track: Star Worthersee Tour 2012

    The Worthersee Tour 2012 opens its doors this week. An event that gathers, Austria, fans of the German Volkswagen and Audi. The Americans have their SEMA Show in Las Vegas while builders part of the Volkswagen Group have their own "Volksfest". A fourth concept DEVELOPER SUV Audi Q3 which is currently available on the European markets as well as some Asian markets, is already the basis for

  • Volvo announces new collision prevention systems for V70, XC70 and S80

    Volvo announces new collision prevention systems for V70, XC70 and S80

    True to its tradition of innovation in matters of safety, the Volvo Cars of Canada today announced the launch of a new system for the prevention of collisions, which will equip some of Volvo vehicles in February. The latest technologies and safety preventive Volvo aim to minimize Elements likely to distract the driver, according to some studies, are at the origin of 90% of road accidents. Based

  • Citroen C1: consumption falling

    Citroen C1: consumption falling

    It receives a new grille and LED daytime running lights has. However, it is under the hood found major improvements. They affect the 1.0-liter powertrain that delivers a power of 68 horses. By modifying certain elements of the engine and its new manual or automated transmissions, the engineers have managed to improve the fuel consumption. By way of example: Citroen C1 (manual): 4.3 l/100 km and

  • Ford Super Duty 2011: two new powertrains

    Ford Super Duty 2011: two new powertrains

    Massive Ford Super Duty trucks, the most sold in North America and most taken by a clientele in search of a big truck using their tool. Beyond its new aesthetic approach, which always wants as impressive, the new F250 trucks and F350 will especially benefit from new engines Power Stroke family, but this time developed by the engineers of the house and not by Navistar . The new V8 are discovering


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