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BMW 6-series #7924184


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  • 30 years already: Aubevoye celebrates its birthday

    30 years already: Aubevoye celebrates its birthday

    June 2, nearly 3,500 visitors were present to participate in the Open Day celebrating 30 years of Aubevoye site in Normandy (France). The odds of crafts experts, over 150 volunteers were mobilized for this exceptional event. Among the many activities: a visit from the slopes and means testing, demonstrations and baptisms organized by the Association * DRAC and attractions for the general public.

  • Launch of the social entrepreneurship program to make mobility accessible to all

    Launch of the social entrepreneurship program to make mobility accessible to all

    Renault MOBILIZ, the first initiative of "social business" of an automobile manufacturer on mobility in France, was unveiled officially July 11, 2012, by President Carlos Ghosn.Elle aims to restore autonomy to low-income persons . The inability to move, to acquire or maintain a vehicle is one of the factors of exclusion for the 8 million people living below the poverty line in France. Renault

  • Resurrection of BMW branded 'tii'

    Resurrection of BMW branded 'tii'

    Between 1968 and 1976, the Bavarian manufacturer BMW was a huge success with its models 2002 compact sports category. At the time they were regarded as the most exciting cars to drive, and all categories combined. In addition, they were offered at a very reasonable price, allowing more people to afford a BM, including soil Europeen, even in America. But as the cars are never strong enough for

  • Dacia eco: The new signature

    Dacia eco: The new signature

    By launching the Dacia eco signing? the Mondial de l'Automobile in October 2008, Dacia showed that there is no incompatibility between cars affordable prices and environment friendly cars. Dacia is contributing directly to the commitment of Renault Group for the environment: to be among the 3 best european manufacturers CO2 emissions. A vehicle Dacia eco? meets the same requirements as those of


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