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BMW Isetta #8356032


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  • Toyota hybrid fuel cell of next year

    Toyota hybrid fuel cell of next year

    Tokyo Toyota FCV Concept: Technology fuel cell Toyota Secure pedestrians Toyota wants to offer its first vehicle in 2015 led autonomous The Toyota engineers have been working for more than 20 years designing PROPELLED vehicles with an engine has fuel cell. Today they are trying to develop their first hybrid model a fuel cell, the marketing should start next year in Japan. A car that inherit

  • Random screening facing drunk driving?

    Random screening facing drunk driving?

    To better luttter against drunk driving, the Quebec Table of road safety suggests motorists to submit a random screening tests. The central proposition is among the 23 recommendations presented by the group chaired by Jean-Marie De Koninck in his third report released Friday Quebec. In his paper almost 60 pages, Table notes that several drivers with impaired facultees OUTSIDE the cracks and

  • Volkswagen Beetle Black Turbo Edition reserved for America

    Volkswagen Beetle Black Turbo Edition reserved for America

    Here is a special edition of the new Volkswagen Beetle reserved to the North American market. If you are applying, you must act quickly: you must order it online and the amount available is limited to 600 units. To get your copy, you must visit the American web Volkswagen website, register, and make a deposit of $ 495. This Beetle any special dressed in black on the outside and inside is offered

  • Volvo C30: Will it replaced by the V40?

    Volvo C30: Will it replaced by the V40?

    That is a question that could be very costly for an automaker because before launching a new vehicle on a given market, one must weigh, weigh and analyze again, the advantages and disadvantages especially such a decision. It is this problematic that currently prevails at Volvo, which must consider the relevance of bringing in North America, its V40 model to replace the cutting C30 which derives


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