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Cadillac De Ville #7981266


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  • Mercedes-Benz Canada and IMG launch Operation Booting

    Mercedes-Benz Canada and IMG launch Operation Booting

    Mercedes-Benz Canada and IMG, a company operating in the fields of sports, fashion and media, today announced the launch of Operation boot of Mercedes-Benz. Developed in conjunction with the Week LG / Beauty Fashion by L'Oreal Paris, Operation startup Mercedes-Benz is a new initiative which aims to create a national platform used to discover and support new promising Canadian designers have been

  • "Zoom-Zoom" Mazda invites consumers an exciting futuristic adventure.

    Mazda Canada Launches "33 cles," an immersive and interactive fiction game allows participants to win a MAZDA3 2010. >> Time travel, secret police and rebellion in the heart of a malicious empire that seeks to enforce compliance to the whole of humanity. It reads like the script of the blockbuster movie of next summer, when he is actually the plot of 33 centuries, the alternative reality game

  • RAM dream to offer a more compact truck

    RAM dream to offer a more compact truck

    In 2006 the Motor Show in Chicago, Dodge Rampage had unveiled its concept whose shape and dimensions were similar to those of oddly Honda Ridgeline. Voila that five years later the idea to offer a lighter truck in the new truck division RAM resurfaced. Although at present no decision in this regard has not been taken by senior management products RAM Chrysler LLC, everything seems to let us

  • Chrysler Canada captured the first place

    Chrysler Canada captured the first place

    3rd American automaker, which was a hair of having to turn the page in 2009, continues to see its sales rise month after month since last year. Of gains as the United States and Canada. The number one in Canada Does not mean we pack, but it is undeniable that Chrysler is on a flight that fully deserves. The Canadian division of the American manufacturer has announced its figures for total sales


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