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Citroen Survolt #9461717


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  • Prevost important control Greyhound

    Prevost important control Greyhound

    The Quebec firm Prevost confirmed Wednesday obtain an additional order for 55 vehicles X3-45 carrier Greyhound. This command adds to the other two obtained earlier this year, bringing to 145 the total number of buses to be delivered. The value of the contract was not disclosed. Until now, about 145 vehicles controls, 50 have already been delivered between April and September 2013. The remaining

  • Honda recalls 427,000 vehicles in America

    Honda recalls 427,000 vehicles in America

    Japan's announcement that it will proceed to a recall affecting 427,000 vehicles in North America. This time, the problem was the origin of this new point is connected to system failures of ignition interlock. Following a premature wear of components, it was possible to close the contact without having to place the transmission lever position "P". Thus, the vehicle could move to the sly and cause

  • GM recalls Chevrolet Cruze to make associated changes to the security of the vehicle

    GM recalls Chevrolet Cruze to make associated changes to the security of the vehicle

    GM makes a recall Chevrolet Cruze for a brake problem General Motors recalls 61,299 vehicles Chevrolet Cruze models of years 2011 and 2012 in Canada in order to make changes to the splash guard under the motor vehicle. This change aims to prevent the imprisonment of fluids in the engine compartment, which could cause fire. Under a separate safety recall, GM will inspect some key vehicles by the

  • Magna profit flies in Q3

    Magna profit flies in Q3

    Frank Stronach has resigned from the board of directors of Magna International (TSX: MG), the auto parts giant he founded in 1957. Magna announced his departure on Thursday when the company released its earnings nearly quadruple in the third quarter after a reassessment of its E-Car division. Mr. Stronach explained by way of communicating that is increasingly involved in activities outside the


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