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Dodge Aries #9991035


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  • Pileup monegasque

    Pileup monegasque

    The only place in the world or could occur as a pile of exotic cars and luxury is in Monaco and has indeed taken place. A conductive driving his Bentley Azure large stamped five cars, fortunately stationed near the Place du Casino in Monaco, the price varies between 85,000 and 170,000 euros. We talk about cars whose total value would exceed 800 000 euros. The dash cars by Missis Bentley are:

  • General Motors: acceleration losses and refunds

    General Motors: acceleration losses and refunds

    The new company General Motors announced that it generates losses of 1.151 billion U.S. dollars for the quarter ranging between 10 July and 30 September 2009. For the same period, the sales approach the $ 26.4 billion, if we look at the preliminary data of the manufacturer. For cons, the revenues of the new company, have experienced a slight increase and a height of 4.9 billion, compared to the

  • Nissan unveils its eco energetics ship destined to Japanese shipping routes

    Nissan unveils its eco energetics ship destined to Japanese shipping routes

    Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.. has recently unveiled the Nichio Maru, a ship that coastal eco energetics provide transportation of finished vehicles to assemble and spare parts on a major shipping routes in Japan. The Nichio Maru, recently built by Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., Ltd.. is equipped for the first time in Japan on a coastal vessel, photovoltaic panels and propelled by a diesel engine has

  • Allard J2X MK II: Quebec sold in Europe

    Allard J2X MK II: Quebec sold in Europe

    Allard's name was synonymous with excellence in the design of racing cars, especially in the early '50s. The model of the most famous brand Allard is unquestionably the J2X MK II. A very nice performance roadster has only 83 copies produced between the years 1951 and 1954. An almost perfect replica Today is a Quebecois that the honor of reviving this legendary brand by producing an extremely


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