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Dodge Charger Daytona #8284033


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  • ONYX Peugeot concept car: the preferred public

    ONYX Peugeot concept car: the preferred public

    Paris Peugeot at the Paris: Onyx reward of its first output Peugeot has the offensive! The stand of the brand at Paris Motor Show has created the event with its wealth of novelties and concepts. Among them, his vision for the future means of personal mobility, expressed by the trio Onyx is once again rewarded. A prize awarded by the public Throughout the duration of the motor show, Auto Plus and

  • Saab, four contenders for ...

    Saab, four contenders for ...

    The Swedish manufacturer is in debt up to his neck ... It is estimated that its debts exceed the $ 9.7 billion (U.S.), nearly a third of which have been contracted with General Motors, which just dropped it, forcing has put himself under the protection of its creditors. However, Saab could be saved from bankruptcy called radical because of contenders has a possible redemption is pointing to the

  • Volvo P1800S 1966 with 3 million miles on the clock

    Volvo P1800S 1966 with 3 million miles on the clock

    It also represents 4,828,033 kilometers or 120 times around the Earth! Irv Gordon's Volvo has traveled all this distance after having toured the world. Car this American adventurer crossed the impressive barrier in southern Alaska, in a village called Hope. Step by step Irv Gorgon had taken possession of his Volvo P1800S 1966 on a Friday and the following Monday, she already recorded 1,500 miles

  • JD Power we present the four best vehicles assembled in Canada

    JD Power we present the four best vehicles assembled in Canada

    Five Canadian plants are among the top 15 institutions in North America and South America, compared to four in 2007 Four models of vehicles manufactured in Canada topped their category, compared to three in 2007, and another model ranks among the top three in its class, according to the study of initial quality in the United States 2008 (2008 U.S. Initial Quality Study (SM)) JD Power and


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