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Ford Boss 302 #7503888


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  • Jaguar Speedboat Concept: winning combination

    Jaguar Speedboat Concept: winning combination

    After prestigious car brands Audi, Ferrari, Porsche and others who have lent their name to the development of a luxury yacht, here it is the turn of Jaguar to imagine a car which includes advertising and big yacht luxury. Here it is not the production of a vessel carrying the Jaguar emblem, but rather a marketing approach idealized by chief designer Ian Callum, demonstrating the complicity

  • Land Rover celebrated 65 years of technology and innovation

    Land Rover celebrated 65 years of technology and innovation

    Land Rover records the name Landy Tests Land Rover LR4 2013 classic 150 Land Rover were presented a historical Packington Estate, the first field test prototypes Land Rover Range Rover 1947 to 1948 and at the end of 60 years and early 70s. These vehicles will mark the major steps of 65 Land Rover and 4x4 world premieres such as antilock brakes, adjustable air suspension, electronic traction

  • Different use, different tires

    Different use, different tires

    Tires Special winter tires, tire pressure sensors Tires Winter tires mandatory, this time we have no choice It was an era not too far or all winter tires alike. They all made of a relatively soft rubber sole and dotted with boulders thus creating deep furrows that provided good traction in the snow were. But that was yesterday, today the tire manufacturers have diversified and refined products.

  • Banks could penetrate the market auto leases

    Banks could penetrate the market auto leases

    A clause in the federal budget could allow banks to enter the market leases car rental. Proponents of this idea, this decision could be beneficial to consumers as it would put an end to the "oligopoly" existing in the automotive sector. The Consumers' Association of Canada (ACC) estimates that if the banks got that right, the lease would be easier to obtain and the rate would likely be lower. The


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