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Ford Club Wagon #7041468


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  • The American Authorities record the displacements of all vehicles

    The American Authorities record the displacements of all vehicles

    A U.S. organization of defense of civil liberties That says Police Forces across the country gather millions of digital data on the movement of vehicles circulating in the United States, Obtained through automated scanners. In a report released Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claims to the existence of Discovered-have tens of Thousands of automated scanners distributed

  • The phenomenon Kyle Busch

    The phenomenon Kyle Busch

    By winning the last weekend of the NASCAR Nationwide ordeal has presented Loudon New Hampshire, Kyle Busch has not only equal the record for victories (49) veteran Mark Martin in this series, he also clinched his hundredth success NASCAR. This puts the third largest winning drivers in the discipline behind the famous Richard Petty (200 gains) and David Pearson (106). Age of only 26 years, Kyle

  • Claw Zagato

    Claw Zagato

    The heyday of the famous Italian car is well and truly behind them, at least for most of them. Bertone has been put under the protection of its creditors, while Pininfarina has barely survive. However, Ital Design and Zagato designers seem to remain in the saddle. Thus, the Milanese coachbuilder Zagato will celebrate next year's 90th anniversary as a designer of avant-garde, world renowned for

  • Ford finds a solution to remedy the overheating of the 1.6L engine

    Ford finds a solution to remedy the overheating of the 1.6L engine

    2013 Ford Escape recalled for the seventh time Ford announced a remedy to rectify any engine overheating could cause fire in the engine of the Ford Escape and Ford Fusion SE and SEL 2013 with engines of 1.6 L. Ford will make software updates cooling system to better manage the temperature of the engine at a specific overheating. The original cooling design did not allow to answer a loss of


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