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Ford Corcel #9357483


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  • Milner AirCar, the flying car

    Milner AirCar, the flying car

    In 2008, we were treated to the presentation of two functional cars the 'James Bond Car', which AirCar Milner, who comes here as a counterweight to the Rinspeed sQuba, the car underwater. Milner Aircar was conceived by the company Milner Motors ELECTRICAR based in Washington and Vancouver. This firm founded in 2005, specializes in the conversion and processing of vehicles, a hybrid propulsion,

  • Ford Shelby Cobra GT500: a tribute to the great Carroll Shelby

    Ford Shelby Cobra GT500: a tribute to the great Carroll Shelby

    Ford and Carroll Shelby were associated to produce cars based on the Mustang. The American automaker will pay tribute to Shelby by making a single copy of the Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra. Unlike the serial model, it receives: -    a body with wider track; -    an entry of air bulkier; -    alloy wheels 20 "; -    wider tires. Demonic power While the Ford Shelby GT500 series is simply a power of only

  • Audi A1: The countdown has started ...

    Audi A1: The countdown has started ...

    By its official unveiling in the next car show in Geneva in March, Audi provides for us to unveil dropper, via internet, small subcompact luxury car, the A1. The latter will become the first rival to the size very popular Mini Cooper BMW. Thus, after we have announced in the last two years, two warning concepts of eventual arrival of a small Audi, voila promises the first declension of the

  • Refuge Photos

    Refuge Photos


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