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Ford F150 XLT #7190837


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  • Chevrolet SS 2014 produced in Australia

    Chevrolet SS 2014 produced in Australia

    Late '50s, Chevrolet had a Corvette SS (Super Sport) designed and developed for racing. The first Chevrolet series to wear the shield SS Impala was a model 1961. In 1967, it was the turn of the Chevrolet Camaro to grab the letters SS. This is also the sports car that has more uses this identification makes reference to a high-performance model. Chevrolet last hoisted that this claw was a 2010

  • Volkswagen dream has a second assembly plant in America

    Volkswagen dream has a second assembly plant in America

    The German auto giant actually makes double mouthfuls for a few years to plan to become the world number one automotive, 2018. But my little finger tells me he could be here at most five years. Courtesy some setbacks manufacturer Toyota and more timid than provided for on certain steps emergence, from General Motors-progress. Currently, the Chinese are very fond of vehicles from Audi and

  • Nissan Canada has already completed his first book orders for LEAF

    Nissan Canada has already completed his first book orders for LEAF

    Reservations for the first stage of the sale of the Nissan LEAF in Canada COMPLETED - First Nissan LEAF reserved by Canadians flew in two hours Over the weekend, Nissan Canada opened the reservation process for the Nissan LEAF: In less than two hours, all Nissan LEAF model-year 2011 available have been reserved by Canadian consumers. On Saturday, August 27 at noon, the people on /

  • "Zoom-Zoom" Mazda invites consumers an exciting futuristic adventure.

    Mazda Canada Launches "33 cles," an immersive and interactive fiction game allows participants to win a MAZDA3 2010. >> Time travel, secret police and rebellion in the heart of a malicious empire that seeks to enforce compliance to the whole of humanity. It reads like the script of the blockbuster movie of next summer, when he is actually the plot of 33 centuries, the alternative reality game


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