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Ford Kuga #7747059


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  • Koenigsegg is about to take over Saab

    Koenigsegg is about to take over Saab

    Blog GM in 2010: the models who stay and those who leave We can say once again, that the events did not cease to jostle around GM, and throughout the week. First, there was the sale of the Hummer division Sichuan Tengzhong Chinese society Heavy Industrial Co. and the letter of intent signed with the billionaire Roger Penske, who dream of taking control of the network of Saturn dealers. This

  • Three stables Formula 1 will be renamed in 2012!

    Three stables Formula 1 will be renamed in 2012!

    F1 Commission meeting last Thursday in Geneva has approved applications for three of the twelve stables at this time in Formula 1 to change name next season. Changes caused not by the arrival of new sponsors but by phasing with the reality of having teams exchange owner in the last 18 months names. This is also an opportunity to settle definitively the question of the two teams since Lotus Lotus

  • Ford Shelby Cobra GT500: a tribute to the great Carroll Shelby

    Ford Shelby Cobra GT500: a tribute to the great Carroll Shelby

    Ford and Carroll Shelby were associated to produce cars based on the Mustang. The American automaker will pay tribute to Shelby by making a single copy of the Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra. Unlike the serial model, it receives: -    a body with wider track; -    an entry of air bulkier; -    alloy wheels 20 "; -    wider tires. Demonic power While the Ford Shelby GT500 series is simply a power of only

  • Saab resumes production

    Saab resumes production

    Saab will again produce cars Saab is saved from bankruptcy by the National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB Today, ownership of the National Electric Company Vehicle Sweden (NEVs), Saab has reopened its plant in Trollhattan, after 30 months of inactivity. At the moment, only the Saab 9-3 atmospheric engine is assembled. The rate of production of these models for european markets, will be directly


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