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Ford Mustang fastback #7233990


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  • The rebirth of General Motors-

    The rebirth of General Motors-

    Although this is a record that we can consider as unenviable, General-Motors needed only 40 days to remove the protection of bankruptcy. Thus, from Friday, July 10, 2009, a new entity is born who can maintain both a name and logo. Not out of the woods as GM will be starting with extremely effective Deeper this at all levels. Henceforth much smaller, while remaining a great player he intends to

  • The law against street racing does not have the expected deterrent effect

    The law against street racing does not have the expected deterrent effect

    One year to the day after its adoption, the Ontario law against street racing has not had the deterrent effect that the authorities were expecting, and the number of daily seizures of vehicles does not decrease as much as expected. The law gives police the power to confiscate immediately the vehicle of any driver has been driving 50 km / h above the speed limit and to relegate to the pound for a

  • Canadian Car and truck sales increase

    Canadian Car and truck sales increase

    Sales of GM, Honda and Toyota increase in October Increase in Canadian vehicle sales in October Canadian cars and light trucks sales increased 6.5 percent in November compared to those of last year, according to data published Tuesday by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants. Sales of light vehicles were totaled 133,860 units last month, up from 125,730 to those of Chrysler and November 2012. Ford

  • Audi RS5 will shortly

    Audi RS5 will shortly

    While Audi had us in 2005 RS4, high performance BASED ON A4 version, it seems that the new generation A4 death knell for the moment, this destiny bomb compete with the legendary BMW M3 and Mercedes -Benz C63 AMG. However, it seems that the manufacturer could offer us shortly the RS5, an equally powerful version, but based both on the cutting A5. According to some european complications, the RS5


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