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Holden Commodore SV6 #7974726


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  • Winter tires, really important?

    Winter tires, really important?

    Since December, it is now mandatory in Quebec for equipping the vehicle with winter tires. That is certainly one of the best decisions of our government normally think much has his pockets in automotive safety. Moreover, other provinces and even our neighbors to the south will scrutinize the results. However, even if it is undeniable that winter tires are much safer than all-season tires, I'm not

  • The Ampera / Volt electric range extender has earned the award for

    The Ampera / Volt electric range extender has earned the award for "Green Engine"

    For the first time, a range extender engine has won the "International Engine of the Year Award." The concept of revolutionary propulsion wins the "Best Green Engine Award" in a fierce competition. Unique, the range extender allows you to go where you want when you want. The revolutionary Ampera and Volt electric cars come once more to see to distinguish the international automotive press: their

  • After a lower Friday, the cost of gasoline WAS up Sharply

    After a lower Friday, the cost of gasoline WAS up Sharply

    Substantial Declines in gasoline prices Observed in several regions of Quebec on Friday, the eve of the Day holiday patriots Will Have beens of short duration. Liter of gasoline sold Were Friday morning around $ 1.24, a Montreal Particular HAS Climbed $ 1.42 a Saturday morning. On the south shore of Montreal, Friday, gas stations Showed the same $ 1.09. CAA Quebec HAD Friday Advises motorists to

  • Saab joins the Chinese automaker Hawtai

    Saab joins the Chinese automaker Hawtai

    Saab: Three Chinese companies interested Decidedly, the Swedish manufacturers Saab and Volvo seem to cast their sights on Chinese companies to ensure their existence. After Volvo was bought by Chinese carmaker Geely, here it is the turn of Saab or if you prefer, its purchaser Dutch Spyker, an agreement with the Chinese company Hawtai. This constructor provides the very fact 29.9% of the assets of


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