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Honda Accord Tourer #8323217


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  • Tata Motors officially acquires Jaguar and Land Rover brands

    Tata Motors officially acquires Jaguar and Land Rover brands

    It is dated March 26, 2008 that has signed the final agreement regarding the purchase by Tata Motors of British brands Jaguar and Land Rover. Redemption that brings the Indian giant was having to pay the modest sum of $ 2.3 billion (U.S.), an amount which in fact represents a quasi boon in proportion to costs of purchase required by Ford when it s' is acquired. For its part, Ford contributes a

  • Ferrari F1 built in Lego

    Ferrari F1 built in Lego

    When holding the last Grand Prix Australian Formula 1, Fernando Alonso and the Ferrari drivers Felipe Massa unveiled a stunning F1 Manufactured Entirely of Lego blocks. More than 200,000 Lego parts-have-been used to manufacture this model scale Ferrari F150 Italia of 2011. One the the carried out marketing operation thanks to the longstanding cooperation Between Shell and Ferrari Lego. It can

  • Aston Martin Cygnet Concept, to broaden their horizons

    Aston Martin Cygnet Concept, to broaden their horizons

    Aston Martin Cygnet Concept: the reality which surpasses all fiction The prestigious British brand Aston Martin has joined the manufacturer Toyota has purposely design and especially to develop a small city car based on the Toyota iQ. Obviously, this little mask concept equivalent to that of the Smart Grid inherited fantastic brand that I personally regarded as one of the finest successes in this

  • Magnum MK5: a roadster quebecois

    Magnum MK5: a roadster quebecois

    Magnum is a Montreal preparateur navigating in the world of racing since 1968. This time, the small independent manufacturer decided to take pleasure in spotlighting its own high-performance sports car. Its cutting sports ULTRALIGHT the door MK5 name and weighs only 545 pounds. Designed for the track and the road, the Magnum MK5 roadster is powered by a four-cylinder engine that goes up to 11 000


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