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Itasca Navion #7465154


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  • Worthersee Tour 2011: The

    Worthersee Tour 2011: The "Volksfest" has Europeenne

    This very event run by fans of the Volkswagen Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary. But we had to wait until 2007 for the "Volksfest" has Europeenne can enjoy media coverage on a global scale. One could compare this event at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas which is a great meeting place for passionate of "tuning" or if you prefer modified cars the american. Except that the Worthersee Tour is less

  • The hatchback vehicles are gaining popularity

    The hatchback vehicles are gaining popularity

    There are not so long, owning a car tailgate was almost outlawed in North America. But gradually we saw some models to appear with us, especially from the Europeenne or what type of car is extremely popular, if not a must. The decisions taken to our southern neighbors If it was that these 'Gauls of America as we are, there would be many more of this type of cars that circulate on our roads.

  • Communauto will enrich 50 Nissan LEAF

    Communauto will enrich 50 Nissan LEAF

    This is part of a day-conferences organized by Team Infopresse under theme "Marketing and Sustainability ', a source of innovation and creativity, Nissan and Communauto have formalized their agreement whereby the manufacturer will offer a Montreal-based 50 cars LEAF electric propulsion. For the occasion Ian Forsyth, director of corporate planning and business strategy of Nissan Canada and Marco

  • The Mazda 787B, winning the 24 Hours in 1991, returns to Le Mans after 20 years

    The Mazda 787B, winning the 24 Hours in 1991, returns to Le Mans after 20 years

    • The incredible roar of the engine quadrirotor Mazda 787B will sound again at the Circuit de la Sarthe on June 11, before the official start of the race 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Mazda's victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, running the most demanding global automotive endurance. In 1991, Mazda is the first Japanese manufacturer to win the ordeal, and still the only one so far. To


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