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Kia Sephia #7662583


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  • Nissan will provide the next

    Nissan will provide the next "Yellow Cab" Official of the City of New York

    The Japanese automaker had won the battle as a future supplier of the famous "Yellow Cab" of the city of New York. A few months later we learned that eventually the contract was awarded to Ford. It was a battle between Ford Transit Connect with its model and its model Nissan NV200. And voila, the "Big Apple" returns once more on his decision and Nissan has officially granted this extremely

  • Mitsubishi

    Mitsubishi "Global Small Car": An evocative name

    After Toyota and Honda that will produce a small car in India, here it is the turn of Mitsubishi to do so, but in Thailand. His code name is "Global Small Car" and as the name suggests so, it will be a small car conceived for worldwide distribution if we consider a version of this car could one day end up in Europe or in North America. It is expected that production would reach 150,000 units

  • Nissan wins two awards for Best ALG residual value in 2012

    Nissan wins two awards for Best ALG residual value in 2012

    Two existing vehicles Nissan range are sharing the spotlight, winning the award for Best ALG residual value for the year 2012. Maxima was awarded the ALG residual value of the best in the category of large sedans and for the fourth consecutive year, the GT-R has received the award for Best ALG residual value in the category of luxury sports cars. "We are proud to accept these awards ALG and have

  • Nissan Canada announces pricing for all-new 370Z Roadster

    Nissan Canada announces pricing for all-new 370Z Roadster

    The Roadster offers driving pleasure combines opened sky performance and the value of Z cut Nissan Canada Inc. (NCI) today announced the pricing for the all new 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster, which will be available in October at Nissan dealers across Canada. The retail price suggested by the manufacturer (MSRP) of the version series has a 6-speed manual transmission was fixed at $ 46,998 and the


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