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KTM 250 EXC-F #7114115


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  • Renault increased by 25% its production capacities engines in Brazil

    Renault increased by 25% its production capacities engines in Brazil

    The Renault engine plant in Brazil will increase its production capacities by 25% in 2013, and will extend it to 5000 m2 of the surface of its existing buildings in order to pass with a capacity of 400 000 500 Engine 000. Inaugurated in 1999 and located on the industrial site Ayrton Senna Curitiba, this plant has already far not produced 2.5 million engines with 335,813 units in 2011. She has

  • The Saab museum redeemed by the city of Trollhattan

    The Saab museum redeemed by the city of Trollhattan

    Apprehended with the closure of Saab facilities in the town of Trollhattan in Sweden, the elected finally made the wise decision to bring purchasers of the museum of the Swedish brand. The museum has 120 vehicles that are in fact an important part of the heritage of this industrial area. The authorities of the city of Trollhattan were associated to the wealthy family Wallenberg acquire the museum

  • "Future Now" is the name of the new season C_42, international showcase of the brand on the Champs-Elysees.

    After a trip back in time with the presidential CITROEN, Brand makes a jump into the future by exposing its most iconic concept cars. The audacity, creativity and technology CITROEN more than ever has the honor. The occasion also found that the concept to reality there is only one step. At C_42, daring CITROEN is put honor. The flaming C-Metisse to sassy Revolte and Survolt through sport

  • Energy Efficiency: dealers withdrew Their labels

    Energy Efficiency: dealers withdrew Their labels

    A growing number of Canadian dealers pull the labels for energy efficiency That The industry-committed Itself to display Each vehicle is under a voluntary agreement with Ottawa there 15 years. A survey of Nearly 600 dealers across the country Revealed That The labels displayed Were not there only 63 percent of new vehicles Exposed to the outside. As for vehicles Exposed to the inside, the label


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