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Ligier Ambra #7882783


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  • Tesla 'Bluestar': never two without three

    Tesla 'Bluestar': never two without three

    The small California manufacturer Tesla, who storefront in the beautiful region of Silicon Valley is a world-renowned specialist as a manufacturer of electric cars powered exclusively. Currently, he is working on the possibility of producing a third model, whose code name is' Bluestar. The Tesla company is now known in Europe, in America, and it is also on the old continent or she Running a large

  • DuPont unveils its world ranking of popularity of automobiles shades

    DuPont unveils its world ranking of popularity of automobiles shades

    The metallized gray is no longer the undisputed champion auto shades, according to the 2007 DuPont Report on the popularity of colors in the world. After seven consecutive years in the top of the list, the metallized gray was replaced by white / white pearl and black / black effect propelled by head of auto preferees colors. DuPont studied statistics in matters of colors for over 55 years and

  • Russia reward its athletes with Mercedes-Benz GL

    Russia reward its athletes with Mercedes-Benz GL

    First contacts Mercedes-Benz GL350 2014 an evolution SUCCESSFUL Further to the Olympics, medals are typically awarded with their respective countries. Russia has chosen to thank its victorious athletes by providing luxury cars. For every athlete who clinched the gold, Russia offer an SUV Mercedes-Benz GL, plus a cash prize of $ 120,000. The silver medals will receive $ 76,000 and a Mercedes ML,

  • A large sports sedan Lexus IS-F 2008

    A large sports sedan Lexus IS-F 2008

    After having benefited from an enviable fame with several sports models, the automaker Toyota is slowly removed from the cars running with the successive loss of cars like the Supra, MR2 and Celica. Despite several persistent rumors about the arrival of a new Supra, it seems that the return to vehicles and sports performance is not in the immediate plans of Toyota. Damage, even if this type of


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