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MTZ 82 #8806730


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  • Toyota and Lexus announce new recalls

    Toyota and Lexus announce new recalls

    Toyota announces voluntary safety campaign involving replacing the crankshaft pulley certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) today announced that it would conduct a voluntary safety campaign for replacing the crankshaft pulley V6 engine about 17,505 vehicles Toyota and Lexus vehicles 5498. It could be that the amount of adhesive applied between product outside ring and the

  • The

    The "Square Boxes" the friendliest

    At the moment, they are only three and next year two more will be added in this new niche of vehicles at high and angular shapes, which has both their charm or their ugliness and depending on whether we like it or not this type of vehicle. They are called Honda Element, Kia Soul and Nissan Cube. Come to join them next year, the Scion xB and xD and maybe the GMC Granite. More multifunctional as

  • Different use, different tires

    Different use, different tires

    Tires Special winter tires, tire pressure sensors Tires Winter tires mandatory, this time we have no choice It was an era not too far or all winter tires alike. They all made of a relatively soft rubber sole and dotted with boulders thus creating deep furrows that provided good traction in the snow were. But that was yesterday, today the tire manufacturers have diversified and refined products.

  • Renault launches the world's largest automobile photovoltaic device

    Renault launches the world's largest automobile photovoltaic device

    Renault launches simultaneously in six of its industrial sites french a set of 40 hectares of photovoltaic panels. Through this approach, Renault continues its commitment to the environment. This initiative is also an innovative solution to protect new vehicles before their departure factories. Renault inaugurates 400,000 m2 (the equivalent of 60 football fields) of solar panels is the world's


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