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Nissan Stagea #9567479


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  • Honda donated over $ 300,000 to help Haitians

    Honda donated over $ 300,000 to help Haitians

    Honda announced today that it has made a donation of more than $ 300,000, portable generators, water pumps and of other products Honda Red Cross. This money and these facilities will be used as part of rescue operations and humanitarian relief in Haiti. This donation represents the contribution of the group of companies of Honda North America, active in sales, manufacturing, finance and research

  • Toyota Canada recalls its Tacoma truck

    Toyota Canada recalls its Tacoma truck

    Toyota Tacoma recalls its 2013 and 2014 Toyota recall a second year of 880,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada Toyota recalls 242,000 vehicles around the world Toyota Canada Inc. announced it will conduct a voluntary safety recall involving approximately 26,830 vehicles Toyota Tacoma Access Cab factories between 2004 and 2011. In the vehicles concerned, the screws that attach the tension device

  • Car Shows in crisis

    Car Shows in crisis

    Last September and despite the global economic crisis which announced on World Paris has all the same been a great success of esteem on the part of journalists and its very many visitors. But barely two months later, under the auto show in Los Angeles, the crisis would hit harder this event with the cancellation of Unveiling manufacturers-General Motors and Chrysler. It would appear that the

  • Washington wants electric vehicles emit a noise for pedestrians

    Washington wants electric vehicles emit a noise for pedestrians

    The U.S. government wants all electric and hybrid vehicles emit a noise when riding has a lower speed is 29 kilometers per hour, so that pedestrians can hear approaching. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that these cars do not make enough noise low speed to alert pedestrians, cyclists and people with low vision. The American National Agency considers however that the


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