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Seat Terra #7703421


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  • General-Motors is officially bankrupt

    General-Motors is officially bankrupt

    Blog GM in 2010: the models who stay and those who leave Very early this morning on Monday 1st June 2009, we learned through the different media that General-Motors was officially bankrupt and the procedures in this sense, were to rush in the morning. Thus, the manufacturer will avail of 'Chapter 11' of the American constitution in order to protect its creditors, commonly called 'bankrupt',

  • Didier Schraenen: The man with 101 facets

    Didier Schraenen: The man with 101 facets

    When I contacted the friend Didier to invite me to do a summary of career for one of my future columns, I did not expect to receive a "summary" of a dozen pages! This is a reading of this tome that I realized that Schraenen has a long career behind him a thousand trades, some concurrently for over 35 years. His profession radio host debuted in 1979 Sainte-Agathe, followed by a passage of a few

  • Renault Clio: Focus on production

    Renault Clio: Focus on production

    Renault confirms that New Renault Clio will be produced simultaneously in Flins (France) and Bursa (Turkey). But at this stage, Renault does not provide any allocation between the two plants. In fact, Flins production will balance between ZOE and New Clio Renault, as the ZOE level commands. Renault has also announced the location of production of Clio Collection has Flins (Clio Longlife). Source:

  • The vice-president of NASCAR Montreal today to confirm the return of the Nationwide Series

    The vice-president of NASCAR Montreal today to confirm the return of the Nationwide Series

    It is today at a press conference to be held at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in the presence of Vice President Steve O'Donnell of NASCAR, the American organization will officially announce his return to Montreal in 2012. In fact, it is known for two weeks that the company Octane Management Francois Dumontier will take over the reins of this weekend trip with the American company ISC previously was


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