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Suzuki 1100 #9541402


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  • Oullim Spirra: South Korean surpersportive

    Oullim Spirra: South Korean surpersportive

    Although currently the world economies seem to recover, we are still lagging several astronomical deficits but that still does not seem to affect people whose wealth seems they stick to the skin. Thus, we have seen in recent years manufacturers offer their customers the very well stocked portfolio of exceptional cars is drawing more limitations, including the price exceeded the cheerfully million

  • Chinese BYD in America?

    Chinese BYD in America?

        -you're ready to buy a fabricated car in China?     -you're ready to buy a Chinese car assembled in America? There are not too long, this is the first question that came to us automatically head when we spoke in our marketing a vehicle 'Made in China'. But here the second hypothesis may well realize and very soon. BYD dream was to settle in the United States BYD, which stands for 'Build Your

  • Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon recalled by GM

    Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon recalled by GM

    Declaration of GM Canada about the recall of vehicles Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon METHOD General Motors Canada recalling 7,193 pickups Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon regular cab and extended cab models from year 2004 to 2011 equipped with a front seat 60/40. These vehicles are being recalled because the access to the upper anchorage device for children of central front seat does not meet

  • Car Shows in crisis

    Car Shows in crisis

    Last September and despite the global economic crisis which announced on World Paris has all the same been a great success of esteem on the part of journalists and its very many visitors. But barely two months later, under the auto show in Los Angeles, the crisis would hit harder this event with the cancellation of Unveiling manufacturers-General Motors and Chrysler. It would appear that the


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