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Toyota Echo #9308138


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  • Range Rover Evoque: A version 7 places

    Range Rover Evoque: A version 7 places

    The youngest, most beautiful and most compact Land Rover brand vehicles already wants to broaden its clientele, and to do this we consider to offer a lengthened version of the Range Rover Evoque five-door. We are talking about adding 30 cm in the wheelbase, which would allow the vehicle to accommodate up to seven passengers. A decision to be taken by the leaders of the British manufacturer and

  • Bentley Continental GT edition

    Bentley Continental GT edition "Pink Passion"

    The famous and very controversial Paris Hilton has already been owner of a Bentley Continental GT she repainted in shades of candy pink. This time, it is a much more serious approach because the command comes from the Bentley dealership in San Diego and the car will carry the brand manufacturer. This is the first and maybe the last Bentley Continental GT color "Pink Passion" has to be produced by

  • Electric Odyssey: From Kazakhstan to the Kremlin Citroen C-Zero continues on its way!

    Electric Odyssey: From Kazakhstan to the Kremlin Citroen C-Zero continues on its way!

    After the USA, Japan and China, Odyssee Electric has gone through one of the most uncertain steps in the preparations: Kazakhstan. True bearer of this adventure, CITROEN C-ZERO and crosses hilly roads and desert-like in the middle of the Kazakh steppe, before crossing the Russian border. Arrived in Moscow after 23,000 kilometers since their departure, and Antonin Xavier henceforth begin the last

  • Competition Car Guide 2009

    Competition Car Guide 2009

    From 16 to 26 January 2009, for a chance to win one of 10 Car Guide 2009 autographies or 50 subscriptions of one (1) year Car Guide, Edition magazine. To do this, simply subscribe to our free Newsletter Car Guide. Thanks to Newsletter Car Guide, you will receive each week all actuality car directly in your email, as well as other offers from competition. Register today for free by clicking on the


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