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Toyota Venza #8274107


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  • SRT Barracuda developing?

    SRT Barracuda developing?

    Although nothing is confirmed, it appears that the Dodge Challenger will be replaced by a sport coupe designed by the new SRT (Street and Racing Technology) of Chrysler. It would become the second car with the letters SRT Viper after the powerful. The pony car of the year '70 Plymouth Barracuda appeared in 1964 and was produced until 1974. In 1970, a sharper version called CUDA came to add. We

  • Investment and job creation at GM Canada

    Investment and job creation at GM Canada

    Confirmation of the production of the next generation of engines compact block factory Powertrain St. Catharines           o Investment of $ 235 million that will create 400 jobs.           o The plant will manufacture the next generation of energy-efficient compact engine block. GM Canada today announced an investment of 235 million engine plant in St. Catharines for the construction of the next

  • Car sales up sharply in the USA

    Car sales up sharply in the USA

    Canadian sales of vehicles have increased in June Vehicles sales were strong in the United States in June Truck sales have held up the wreck in July in American territory, but strong sales of small cars demonstrate that the demand for new vehicles is vast, and it does not slow. Car sales in the U.S. have increased during the first six months of the year, but not as fast as trucks and SUVs. Until

  • Chevrolet Impala 2014 she is in charge of repetitive tasks

    Chevrolet Impala 2014 she is in charge of repetitive tasks

    Chevrolet Impala 2014: The wait was worth it! New models Chevrolet Impala 2014 start of production Oshawa New models Chevrolet Impala 2014 offered from $ 28,445 The adaptive cruise control has all the diets could reduce your workload during your daily displacements. The adaptive cruise control to all regimes, available on the 2014 Chevrolet Impala can help reduce the number of stops and starts


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