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Toyota Yaris #8619225


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  • Bentley Continental GT edition

    Bentley Continental GT edition "Pink Passion"

    The famous and very controversial Paris Hilton has already been owner of a Bentley Continental GT she repainted in shades of candy pink. This time, it is a much more serious approach because the command comes from the Bentley dealership in San Diego and the car will carry the brand manufacturer. This is the first and maybe the last Bentley Continental GT color "Pink Passion" has to be produced by

  • Auto-sports lounge Quebec

    Auto-sports lounge Quebec

    The 41st edition, 9, 10 and 11 April The 2010 edition of the Auto-Sport Lounge Quebec, 9,10 and 11 April at the Exhibition Center of ExpoCite, looks one of the most flamboyant, if not the most glowing in the history of living in terms of quality and prestige cars featured will be exposed. The 41st Salon de Quebec, the largest in Quebec, will have indeed among its main attractions a few vehicles

  • Honda Mugen Vezel a declination

    Honda Mugen Vezel a declination

    NY Honda widens its range of SUVs in New York Auto Show Tokyo Honda Vezel: Chevrolet Trax Japanese At Honda, claws Mugen models are versions has sporty car series, the relatively banal style. The last of them enjoy the expert hands of the Japanese preparateur is the new Vezel which has just be unveiled in Tokyo. A crossover type of vehicle sub-compact size. The middle of Vezel is reminiscent of

  • Renault 5 Alpine Renault presents three departing from the historic Monte Carlo

    Renault 5 Alpine Renault presents three departing from the historic Monte Carlo

    In 2012, the Renault 5 celebrates its 40 years. The festivities start of this month with the inclusion of three Renault Renault 5 Alpine at the historic Monte Carlo. Adequately prepared for the rally, they will be led by Jean Ragnotti Alain Serpaggi'' and'' Manu Guigou. The departure of the 3 "Skateboard" will be Monday, January 30 in Reims. In 2012, Renault festival 40 years of his Renault 5.


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