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Honda Wander Walker, Stand will roam around, around, around [w/video]

They do things differently in Japan, and we're not just talking about the adorable kei car. No, the concept vehicles that debut at the Tokyo Motor Show are decidedly different than what you might see in Geneva or Detroit. Case in point – the Honda Wander Walker and Wander Stand Concepts, which we previewed late last month.

Despite its name, the Wander Walker is quite obviously a four-wheeled scooter that'd look right at home being driven by the elderly IKEA enthusiast in some futuristic metropolis. The front wheels turn to darn near 90 degrees, blessing the Wander Walker with a mere one-meter turning circle.

The impressive maneuverability is down to this thing being tiny. Check out the picture if it next to everyone's favorite robot, Asimo, for scale. That makes it a prime mobility solution for the cramped confines of urban Tokyo, a fact that's reinforced by its super-model skinny 21.25-inch width. That size allows the Walker to squeeze through the turnstiles to board Japan's ultra-efficient train network. It's unclear what kind of power is in use here, but it's almost certainly electric. The top speed is a leisurely 3.7 miles per hour. (A quick Wikipedia search reveals humans walk at about 3.1 mph, so yes, this is at least a bit faster than walking.)

If the Wander Walker is a futuristic scooter, the Wander Stand looks like a waiting room on wheels. Unlike the Walker, it'll accommodate two adults who can ride side-by-side in a 72.8-inch tall, 49.2-inch wide, and 78.4-inch long box. Like so many futuristic bits of tech, the Wander Stand throws information up on the windshield, which sits atop a futuristic dash. What sets this concept apart from the average kei car, is the Honda Omni Traction Drive System, which allows the usual movement forward and back, but also gives drivers the ability to drive laterally or even diagonally. Again, Japan is a tight place, and this kind of ability grants drivers a lot of leeway in urban driving.

We've got a few images direct from Honda available above and below, while you can also look forward to a full array of live images, direct from the floor of the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.


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