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2016 Honda Civic Coupe spied inside and out

Honda may be prepared to unveil the 2016 Civic Coupe on Sept. 16, but that doesn't mean work is done on the eagerly anticipated new fastback. Honda is continuing testing, as evidenced by this latest round of photos, which even gives us a glimpse of the cabin.

As we can see, the exterior's shape has been toned down compared to the concept shown earlier this year in New York City, although the overall fastback rear end, high beltline, and generally aggressive styling is still present. Closer details, particularly around the front fascia, are harder to discern owing to the camouflage.

The last-generation Civic did things very wrong. It went budget at a time when compact consumers demanded more premium features, options, and materials. Things were so bad that Honda had to rush a lackluster refresh to market. But with the new Civic, it finally looks like the Japanese brand is on its A-game.

While plastic appears to still be the dominant material, the quality on display looks like it's been elevated substantially. The steering wheel is small, relatively sporting, and wrapped in black leather, while the beige leather seats look to have a modest dose of bolstering. The switch gear looks good, almost like it's been plucked from a higher-end model, like the Pilot, while our spies report that there will be a better array of optional extras, including stuff that's shown up as part of the Honda sensing suite of technology.

Check out the spy images at the top of the page, and be sure to head back here on Sept. 16 for the Civic's official unveiling.


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