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Honda CEO carless, waiting on Civic Type R

As chief executive of Honda, Takahiro Hachigo could get his hands on anything the automaker produces, or has produced: a new Acura RLX luxury sedan, a luxed-out Odyssey minivan, a top-of-the-line CBR sport bike... even an old NSX supercar. Heck, he could probably even get the skunkworks to cook him up a road-going version of the ten-cylinder HSV-010 that was supposed to be the new NSX but only ever ended up racing in Super GT. So what does he drive?

"Unfortunately, I don't have a car now," Hachigo-san revealed to journalists during a roundtable discussion in Tokyo. That situation won't last forever, though: "There is a model I want, which will, as I have told you, be launched this autumn," said Hachigo. "I want to buy the Civic Type R."

The Honda chief is referring, of course, to the company's new hot hatch that will be produced in the UK and exported around the world, including back to Japan. It's got a 2.0-liter turbo four pumping out 306 horsepower to send it to 60 in 5.7 seconds, making it one of the fastest and most powerful hatchbacks ever devised. And more than anything else the company makes, that's what Hachigo wants for himself.

The news should be welcomed by performance enthusiasts who may have been concerned about the future of Honda's performance models. The company has a slew of them coming out, including the new NSX and Civic Type R, and may even produce another sports car to slot in between. Those, however, were spearheaded under the administration of Hachigo's predecessor, Takanobu Ito. But if Hachigo's stated driving preferences are anything to go by, he's got some high octane pumping through his veins as well.

Until the Civic Type R starts arriving in Japan, though, Hachigo's garage will have an empty space in it, filled only by his wife's N-One kei car and his own VTR 250 motorcycle. We're sure his chauffeur has him well taken care of, though, in the back of an RLX or whatever else the company sends to pick up its new chief executive.


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