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Mercedes-AMG GT R drops some camo out in the cold

Sometimes less is more. Case in point: these latest spy shots of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT R. Not only will the car itself likely weigh less than the model on which it's based, but this prototype appears to be wearing less camouflage to show us more of what it has in store.

Details may still be few and far between, but the R version of Benz's flagship model is expected to follow a familiar formula: less weight, more power, more tricks. Think of it, then, as the GT3 to Porsche's 911, or the Speciale to Ferrari's 458, and you'll be on the right track. The 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 will likely carry over, but with closer to 550 horsepower than the 460 in the "base" GT or the 503 in the S model.

As you can just make out through all those swirls, it'll also feature a more aggressive aero kit, and likely a stiffer and lower suspension as well. Those features might make it a prime candidate for the Black Series badge, but Mercedes hasn't used that moniker in years. And where the previous Black models were all stiffened up for the track, the AMG GT R (or whatever it's ultimately called) will be all adaptable with every trick in the book. We're talking four-wheel steering, adjustable shocks, active aero... the works.

We're told to expect AMG to unveil its new performance flagship sometime this coming summer, but we'll surely see more of it between now and then. In the meantime, these spy shots represent our best look at it yet, so scroll on through the slideshow above to see what the Silver Star skunkworks has cooking.

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